My Leeds Festival Experience

This year, I was lucky enough to have the chance of going to Leeds Festival. This was never a festival I was interested in going to, and seeing as though it is a lot of money to purchase a ticket, I jumped at the chance of free guest tickets, including guest camping. The reason I was offered this ticket was due to my best friend’s company wanting a few interviews with artists, and since we both love music, this really was ideal; however I’ll come back to the artists later!
One thing I really would like to say is that guest camping is a MUST!!! After trailing around for an hour through muddy, sludgy, half collapsed tents in normal camping, I felt like a celebrity walking back to our tent, where we could see abnormal (at the time) things such as grass, clean upstanding tents, and even more importantly, toilets that worked and were cleaned every hour or so. I understand thousands of people love the normal camping experience (obviously) but for a dirt dodger like me, guest camping was essential!!

Who did we get to interview?

My Leeds Festival Experience with Rat Boy


They played their set on the Friday, on the NME / BBC Radio 1 Stage. We watched half of the set and they really had the crowd going. It was the first time either of us had interviewed so we were both a little nervous. We headed to the side of the stage where we met their manager, who took us backstage to the back of the tent where their bus was. We met the band and they took us upstairs to carry out the interview. That was an experience in itself; the band members were so lovely and very jokey – which made it hard to get a serious interview answer out of them! They were all young guys so we managed to get along at ease. We actually surprised ourselves with how well we kept it together (apart from after the interview, when Matty Healy from The 1975 popped out of his bus to talk to the guys – we both lost our voices and didn’t say a word!)
My Leeds Festival Experience with Anteros


They performed on Saturday on the Festival Republic Stage. We met them in the press tent within the guest bar area just after their set. As music lovers ourselves, we could tell they were all so passionate about what they were doing and where they wanted to go with their music. This interview was such a different experience to the first. Although they were a little older, the interview was much more relaxed and had a more serious tone, which allowed us to get the job done a little quicker. We sat and had a chat with them afterwards, and they were all so down to earth. They even offered us an exclusive photograph as seen above. How good do these guys look together?! Band goals.

Beach Baby

They played on Sunday also on the Festival Republic stage. Again, we met them in the press tent situated in the guest bar area. The guys were still on a high from performing, however we did get a good interview with them! By this interview, J really had the ball going. We started to learn the questions, and knew how to add on to them in order to get some more content for the magazine. They started to do a Facebook live stream whilst interviewing, which we later looked for but we couldn’t find it. At first our thought were oh no, did we really do such an awful job?! After 10 minutes of worrying, we decided it must have been a band member that didn’t like the angle of the video, and that is the story we will continue to tell ourselves.

Unfortunately, our fourth interview with Hannah Wants was cancelled at the last moment. We were a little upset, seeing as though we dropped half a pizza after walking miles to the Relentless Stage. We were both starving, very wet, and walking through normal camping was a nightmare. After munching on a slice each, J held the pizza box at an angle and the side gave way. Looking at the pizza in the muddy sludge, we were both nearly in tears, even people walking by offered a moment of heartfelt support. We did however, end up with some free drinks passes which made up for the emotional night we had encountered.


As you can see, we only had one interview per day, which gave us plenty of time to watch other artists perform throughout the weekend. The best artist was by far Imagine Dragons. I enjoyed the festival more than I had anticipated, however we both agreed we wouldn’t be storming in to purchase a ticket for the following year anytime soon. The best part of the whole festival was the Sunday night. After watching The Courteeners and Imagine Dragons at the main stage, our feet were killing, we were hungry and very tired, as we went early to get to the front of the crowd (which we did, and it was amazing).

On our way back to the tent, we spotted a stall selling fish finger sandwiches. Let me tell you, these were the best fish fingers we had ever tasted. What a winning idea. We both had 2 sandwiches (yes two, we were practically wasting away okay) and we added a potato waffle too. I will never, ever, ever go back to eating fish finger sandwiches without potato waffles in, they really did change our lives. In fact, you should make yourselves one of these marvellous creations right now. I promise you won’t regret it!!

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