As many of you may have seen on my Instagram, In January I spent a long weekend in Venice with my best friend. For the amount of money I spent on those 3 days, I could have had a really luxurious 7 day holiday somewhere really hot all inclusive (sad face), but this get away was such an adventure, and a beautiful one at that.

Day 1

We pretty much knew when we arrived in Venice that it was going to be more expensive than we originally thought. After half an hour of worrying about it in the hotel, we decided that even if we had to get some more euro’s, we were going to do everything that we wanted to so as we probably aren’t going to visit again (this city is literally nearly underwater – the water level is so close to people’s door steps and that train that takes you in to Venice is only a couple of inches above sea level!!). With this is mind, we set off to Venice. The train station to St. Mark’s square was around a 45 minute walk.
We went in very little shops this day as we knew we would be coming back tomorrow and so set off to see St. Mark’s square. This was supposed to be THE part of Venice to see so we were quite excited. When we got there, it was literally just a square.. and I mean just a square. I didn’t even take any photos of the actual square because for all anybody else knows, I could have been in the centre of London. Around the square were some absolutely amazing architecture, the buildings in Venice were all so old but beautiful. It was very picturesque – every ‘instagrammers’ dream!
Venice Architecture

Masks in Venice

Whilst walking around we noticed that quite a lot of the shops were selling masks, there were even shops selling only masks and we weren’t really sure why. Once we found a nice restaurant to eat in, we googled masks in Venice and it was all to do with old traditions. They were worn for two reasons: one being for the Carnival of Venice, and the other was to hide identity and social status. My friend did purchase a gorgeous mask as I am having a masquerade ball for my 21st next year, however I didn’t find the perfect one so I decided to buy a little key ring with a blue mask on.

Day 2

On the second day we did exactly the same route but went in all the lovely little shops. They really were amazing and so different each and every one of them. My friend spotted a chocolate shop and when we went in we were absolutely amazed. Not only was this shop selling amazing chocolate, it was also linked to a huge shopping mall (which you would never even have known was there if you didn’t enter). I literally could not believe my eyes. The escalators were red as if you were going up and down the red carpet and the design was so grand. I felt like a millionaire as I walked through, there were 4 floors and all full of amazing designer shops.

We were told whilst we were in the chocolate shop that on the top of this shopping mall we would find the best view in Venice. There was a rooftop area which you had to grab a ticket for (free!) and come back at a designated time as it was so busy. We managed to get a time slot for later on in the day so we decided to go on one of the famous gondolas to pass some time. the view really was phenomenal. You could see all of Venice from up there and it was so pretty. We went just as it was turning dark so we were a little annoyed but we still got some amazing pictures!

Gondola in Venice

Would I recommend the Gondala ride?

This was probably the funniest part of the trip as sailing down the grand canal and through all the little alleyways, we were singing ‘Just one Cornetto, Give it to me’ in opera voices at the top of our lungs.. the locals found it highly amusing as did the person taking us round on the Gondola. It was an absolutely amazing way to see Venice and I can see why these are so popular. You can really see the beauty within the city and all the little alleyways are all water based so you get to pass people’s houses and the architecture is just wonderful. Although pricey, I would definitely recommend going on one of these, you also get to see just how high up the water its to people’s houses!
Rooftop Views of Venice

Day 3

I’m quite aware that I’m starting to ramble now but hopefully you haven’t lost interest! I’ll keep day 3 short and sweet. It was one of the best days even though it was our last. We decided to buy a water taxi pass for the day and we spent the day whizzing up and down the grand canal. Admittedly, we were just being lazy as our feet were starting to hurt from doing so much walking the previous day. We managed to get loads of fantastic pictures from the boat and stopped off for lunch down a little alleyway where we took some pictures!
Venice water
I’m sure there will be more pictures posted on my Instagram of Venice as there’s many to choose from. If you’ve ever visited Venice let me know what you’re favourite part was in the comments or even if you’re wanting to go to Venice, let me know what you’re wanting to see. If you have any questions please feel free to ask!


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