University does NOT define you!

Another Monday has arrived (yawn) and it’s safe to say I woke up veryyy late this morning. Thankfully, I work for my dad so I have a teeny tiny bit of leeway if I happen to be late once or twice. I’ve had such a busy week/weekend and honestly haven’t stopped so I really have exhausted myself out! **Maybe I should take some of my own advice from my previous blog post
Recently, I’ve had lots of questions asking which university I go to…. I don’t go, nor have I ever wanted to go to university – it just never really appealed to me. When I left school 2 years ago, all my friends left to go to different Uni’s and I felt a bit lost. I was forever going here there and everywhere (Leeds, Liverpool, London etc) to visit them and I absolutely loved visiting, but I also loved coming home. When I first left school, I bagged myself an apprenticeship within a really successful business, however I felt college was just like being back in school and didn’t feel I was pushing myself within my job. I decided at Christmas 2015 that I was going to leave the apprenticeship and the job as it wasn’t for me.

If I don’t go to University.. what do I do?

I was already working part-time at the pub in my village but other than that I didn’t have anything so I was so scared I wouldn’t be able to pay for my car etc. I was really lucky when my dad asked me to help in his business a couple of days as he had been so busy and inundated with paperwork he hadn’t had chance to deal with everything. My dad’s business became more and more successful and as I had spent 3 years in a restaurant, I was already such a people person. Slowly I merged in to dealing with customers (some of which were very difficult), working full time (!!!), and taking on extra jobs like designing websites and doing all the business’ marketing. It was something I really enjoyed and was really good at –If I do say so myself- and it just worked so well.
I get a lot of comments such as ‘wow I couldn’t work with my dad you’re doing so well’ but in actual fact we get on so well and always have a laugh so it’s perfect (apart from when he shouts at me for singing 24/7.. who allowed a radio in the office?!). When I mention that I work in a family business a lot of people turn their nose up and think it’s such a cop out job – It’s actually far from it. I work ridiculously hard to maintain relationships with customers, make sure all my jobs are done and keep on top of everything – there is no slacking allowed.. else me and dad would definitely argue!. I work longer hours than a lot of people my age including Saturdays, and it’s also an hour’s drive from home so it’s quite a demanding job.

What do other people think?

I also receive lots of comments such as ‘Oh, you decided against university?’ or ‘You aren’t going to earn as much if you don’t have a degree’.. AGHHH this annoys me so much because this is so far from the truth. Of course, people that go to university work hard to get their degrees and can go on to get some fabulous jobs. Some jobs even require degrees, but this does not mean you can’t do well without them. For example, my dad has no qualifications whatsoever and runs a really successful garage. My mum left University with a law degree, that she got a really good job with but now she has nothing to do with law and is in Childcare with no degree in this area, and is doing even better than she was in law.
Sometimes, it’s who you know and not what you know that can get you really good jobs (as well as having the right attitude towards work). But most of all, it’s about working hard. If you work hard, strive to achieve, you can get anything you put your mind to.
Deciding against University is NOT anything to be ashamed of, nor is it a bad life decision. University does not make you more successful, it does not make you any more of a person and it definitely does not define you. Do more of what makes you happy and go with your heart. Deciding what path you want to go down can be tricky but you will eventually find something you love so boss it every step of the way and reach for the stars.
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