My experience living with migraines

I was pretty skeptical about writing this post as I wanted to stay quite positive on here however as it’s such a personal matter and there are so many sufferers out there, I thought it would be interesting to share my story with migraines. I’ve seen a couple of bloggers share different personal problems and seen others get some benefit out of them, so here goes!

Since around the age of 13/14, I have suffered with migraines which absolutely just drain the life out of me. The first time I ever experienced this I was home alone, it was really scary and I pretty much spent the whole day passed out in bed. There’s three stages to my migraines which I will explain in more detail..

First stage

Lots of weird things start to happen. Every single time before the headache from hell arrives, my eyes blur. It’s so disorientating and you just have to wait for your eyes to stop making stupid patterns so you can tell your mum how many fingers she’s holding up. Then the other symptoms kick in, but these are a little more hit and miss (depending on what the migraine decides to throw at me on this particular day); all the left-hand side of my body goes numb or my speech starts to slur (i.e. telling my dad I need sheep instead of sleep).
Sometimes it’s awful when these things occur because you basically sit around and wait for the headache to kick in. I do however have a couple of sets of tablets I can choose to take when my eyes blur and on a rare occasion, they can actually stop the headache. I must be somewhat unlucky because this is really, really rare.

Second stage

Wahooo, the headache stage! Long story short, it pretty much feels like you are being stabbed in the head repeatedly. My eyes start to hurt, and all I want to do is crawl in to a black hole until it all goes away (a little dramatic maybe Sarah..). But seriously, a dark room and a big duvet are my go to’s when these little so and so’s crop up. Laying down a lot more painful so I pile up the majority of pillows in my house and prop myself up so that I am sat upright. The awkward bit is moving your head to every possible position known to man in order to find the most comfortable place, and then to fall asleep. Occasionally, my migraine likes to throw some sickness in to the equation and if its feeling particularly bitchy, it causes me to pass out.

migraine image

Third stage

So after a couple of hours worth of sleep, I finally wake up headache free!!!! Or so I would like to think, anyway. At this point it’s mostly gone and I can actually get up and do things with whatever is left of the day. The only thing now is that if I move drastically, such as go to pick something up for the floor or walk any faster than a tortoise, my head starts to hurt. It’s like a post-migraine headache, the ‘HA you thought you got rid of me but surprise I’m actually still here!!’ kind of headache. It’s a little annoying but at least I can focus on something more than sleeping.

Where I’m at now

I went through a stage a few years back where I had 14 migraines in 16 days. I would wake up early hours of the morning with blurred vision, be out until around lunch time and then after a few hours get another one. The hospital asked my school to call an ambulance as soon as I started getting symptoms so that they could monitor what was happening but after an MRI scan and numerous tests, the only solution they had was to put me on anti-depressants (at 14 years old… no thanks!) and to monitor my diet.

I haven’t yet managed to really pinpoint a trigger that sets them off, but I tend to avoid chocolate and don’t drink tea anymore. There is a possible to link to stress as they did crop up during exams and just before my driving test (grrrr) but that definitely isn’t the only cause of them. They are a lot less frequent now then they were in younger years but I still absolutely dread them coming.

I have of course tried lots of different things that have been suggested to me to try and ease the pain but if you have had migraines before and something has worked, please let me know in the comments! Have any of you ever had migraines/ had a similar experience? This is actually an area which intrigues me as it’s such an open topic that everybody’s case seems to be a little different, so I’d really love to know!!

Do you think you’re experiencing some sort of migraines? Have a look here to see what you can do.

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