Hen Weekend Antics

Hola Amor!

Thank goodness for google translate on that one.. I did actually do Spanish at GCSE however the only thing I can remember how to say is ‘Cockroaches in the bathroom’ – I’m sure someday this phrase will come in super handy right??

Anyway I thought I’d start in Spanish as I arrived home from Spain yesterday (boooo) and I want to update you all on how much of a fabulous weekend I’ve had. As you’ll have seen on my previous blog post, I was invited on a hen weekend to Magaluf with a whopping 25 hens.

Hen Weekend Antics - Hens

Now first things first, I had absolutely nothing to worry about in terms of not knowing anybody – what an incredible bunch of ladies! I don’t tend to have problems with meeting people as I usually to talk to anybody who listens and I do work with customers but I think when you’re abroad and with the same people constantly for a couple of days I felt a little bit more pressure to settle in within the group. I can honestly say I think I’ve made a couple of friends for life and I am very excited to be seeing them all again in a couple of weeks for Chloe’s big day!

Magaluf.. what was it like?!

What I would like to say is that I actually thought Magaluf was beautiful. Obviously, the strip was nothing special but the view from our hotel room was absolutely spectacular. The rooms looked straight out to sea – there was no land between us which was a little scary at first. The hotel we stayed in was Universal Florida Hotel which was only a short walk from the main strip however it was up a massive hill so we all came home with very achy bones. The food was absolutely delicious and once we got there we decided to upgrade to all inclusive which was a real bargain as all we did was eat and drink cocktails all day – one San Francisco please!

Hen Weekend Antics - Room View

What did I do?

We had three nights out altogether and went in all the cheesy bars – who doesn’t love a bit of cheese on a night out?? The second night was Disney night where everyone dressed up as different characters. I had an absolute nightmare with my Pocahontas outfit (the more you read of my blog, the more you will realise how clumsy I am and that something always goes wrong for me) – but the girls perked me up and I ended up having a brilliant night. Each bar we went in kept playing Disney songs for us and we got so many brilliant comments. Chloe looked absolutely beautiful – she had dressed up as Rapunzel with an amazing replica wig and a super gorgeous dress. It’s no surprise that she had won the Best Dressed at the award ceremony!

On the last day one of the hens had planned for us to go to a Cocktail making class. In all honesty, we were all absolutely beaten from the previous two nights out that we didn’t really have much energy but once we got there we had such a fabulous time. The bar lady made 5 different cocktails for us all to try and then we got to make our own. I went for a classic ‘Sex on the Beach’ and it was so yummy – even though I really didn’t feel like drinking at this point!

Hen Weekend Antics - Cocktail Making

This will be a weekend I remember for such a long time. The maid on honour, the bridesmaid’s and Chloe’s sister and mother had done such an amazing job at arranging everything for us, which I think is amazing as it must be so hard with a group of 25!

Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday!


S x

*A big thank you for all the hens posting pictures in the group chat so I could upload a couple on here. My phone memory is full to the brim so I couldn’t take any photos all holiday!


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