Love Yourself

‘You will never look like that girl in the magazine. Hell, the girl in the magazine doesn’t even look like the girl in the magazine’

Body image is absolutely everywhere. On the streets, in the magazines, on the TV.. you can’t really escape from it. The harsh expectation that girls should all have flat stomachs, a thigh gap and fit in to size 0 clothes is haunting us in every direction. I’ve never been a really small, petite girl and I never will be, my body just is not built that way. I’ve also never particularly thought myself as fat, either. In the past, luckily I’ve never had any major problems with my weight. I wasn’t ‘skinny’, I wasn’t ‘fat’ – I was just an average size for a teenage girl (or so I thought until my wii fit told me I was overweight. Damn thing hasn’t been out in years since..).

Like a lot of people, I’ve had the odd passing comment about my weight which never really bothered me until recently. Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t look at myself and ‘God Sarah, you’re huge!’, but I have been putting on weight for the past few months which is starting to eat away at me. Tonight, I start the gym which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while but I’ve never really had the confidence. Okay rewind, confidence to go to the gym?! That sounds quite silly. I used to do loads of exercise up until starting a full-time job and now that I don’t do as much I just feel like I’m going to stand out like a sore thumb when everyone’s easily working out with their amazing bodies and I’m struggling to reach 200 steps on the walking machine (okay a little exaggerated.. but you get where I’m coming from).

Where did this come from?

It suddenly dawned on me on holiday (a hen party weekend) that I was the least body confident I have ever been. I was suddenly the girl who didn’t want to get into her bikini because she felt too big for it so spent the day covered up instead. Er, who is this girl?! And where did these expectations come from.. not cool! I’ve never moaned about weight, I think it’s quite a hit and miss subject because if you hate your body you’re ‘attention seeking’ and if you love your body you’re ‘self absorbed’ – ugh what a load of crap.

Love Yourself - teaching girls

Small reminder that whether you’re a size 6 or a size 14, you’re beautiful. Wear what you want, eat what you want, exercise as much as you want. If you’re feeling confident within yourself, you’re winning at life. If you’re not feeling confident? There’s tonnes of time to change that. Whether it’s starting the gym, starting a new hobby, eating healthier, you’ve got this. YOU have all the control in the world over your body and what it looks like. Find that body you’re confident in and love the hell out of it.

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