Urban Decay – Heat Palette review

I would be lying if I didn’t say that this palette caused me a lot of stress and grief trying to purchase it- but you’ll be happy to hear that it was definitely worth it!! I wanted to write this post after I’d had chance to try all the colours out so I could give you all an honest opinion. My first views on this palette were that the shades were very different to the other Urban Decay palettes and I was glad that they had gone for a more dramatic change rather than a subtly similar palette. I knew that I would love experimenting with this palette and although the colours are quite autumny, I will definitely be using this palette all year long!

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First thoughts

There was a lot of speculation about this palette as the first swatches made their way around social media, which was that the pigment did not meet everybody’s expectations. I can 100% say that the pigment of these shades did not disappoint, especially on the more glittery colours as a little bit absolutely pops on your eyes. I’ve also seen a lot of comments that people would have loved to see a gold in this palette.. A gold is not needed!! I tried to test out some of these colours with a gold eyeshadow over and it really didn’t suit. The colours in this palette are so cleverly put together which makes it easy to experiment with each and every shade.

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Favourite looks

Okay so, after trying out all the colours there were two looks that really stood out for me. I always start with a neutral base so ‘Sauced’ is my go to base colour in this palette. It’s just a tiny bit lighter than my skin colour when I’ve applied tan so I darken slightly with ‘Low Blow’ which adds just a little bit more depth to my eye area.

For my first look, I very lightly use the ‘He Devil’ on the crease and blend in towards the eye, then take ‘Lumbre’ all over the eyelid. This look is perfect for everyday as it doesn’t look like you’ve spent ages on your eye makeup, but does have a hint of sparkle and is a really subtle look.

The look that I’ve used on my nights out and for evening looks, is possibly one that will stay with me for a while as it’s just a perfect shade that brightens up the eye. Again starting with my bases, I then go on to blend ‘En Fuego’ into the crease of the eye, I usually go over this twice to really deepen the colour and blend it upwards. On my eyelid, I use ‘Dirty Talk’ which is by far the best colour of the palette, (in fact, probably my favourite shade from Urban Decay ever!). I also add ‘Dirty Talk’ under my eye to further the colour which really makes my eye makeup stand out.

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In short, buy this palette when it releases at the end of July.. I promise you won’t regret it!

Did you manage to get this palette? Let me know your favourite colour!

Loving yaaa,

S x

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