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When I first started blogging -like many people I’m sure- I had no idea how much time and effort would be required and all the different aspects you have to consider within the blogging world. After stumbling upon apps or being introduced to them through other bloggers, there are a number of trusty apps that I would without a doubt be struggling to blog if these didn’t exist.

Social Media

First things first, Twitter: The first thing I did after setting up my blog was make a twitter account. I knew that a lot of bloggers were using this platform as a way to engage with readers and to promote their posts. Twitter is definitely my favourite platform, as I find it incredibly easy to find other bloggers with similar interests to me and interact with them. Blog chats are great to participate in; they are so much fun and introduce you to bloggers you wouldn’t have otherwise come across.  For me, it’s important to have the same name as your blog across all social media as it makes it so much easier for people to find you that way.
Oh, the dreaded Instagram. Where to start on this one.. I think it’s fair to say that I do really enjoy using Instagram, despite it’s horrendous algorithms and passion to truly ruin any sort of organic growth, but that’s a rant for another time. Although proving difficult to build up an audience due to the follow/unfollow game, this platform is a really great way for people to visualise your blog and the writer(s) behind it. You are able to show readers a glimpse of your life and things you love, whilst discovering new products and new blogs you love. One thing I am really enjoying is participating in Instagram Pods. I’m not going to go into too much detail but I have a full post on these here!
Favourite Blogging Tools - Insta
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I’m going to include Pinterest in this post as I’m aware it can be a very powerful tool to increase traffic to your blog. Having only set this up yesterday, I am newer than a newbie on a new day, but I’m excited to see how this platform can contribute to my blog. Part of me does wish I had set this up sooner, however starting to blog can be very daunting and there were a lot of other things to concentrate on, so I am going to be putting effort in to growing my following on Pinterest and using it to the best of it’s ability!



This is a great way to keep interactive on Twitter even when you’re busy. As I work full-time, It’s hard for me to constantly write tweets/promote blog posts every hour of the day however this app makes it possible. Every morning I schedule a number of tweets to post through the day to make sure I am active on twitter all the time. I do take time during the day to respond to tweets and engage with followers, although this is an easy way to keep your followers posted when you can’t get to your phone!

The free version allows you to schedule up to 10 tweets per day and you are able to choose the times you want them to be posted. This app is a no brainer for me and I would say it’s a big factor on driving traffic to my blog as I can constantly put my links on to twitter.

Ready to beat the follow/unfollow game?

Have these apps readily available at ALL times. Followers+ and TwitFollow are now almost an addiction. It’s essential to know those accounts that instantly unfollow because personally, I don’t see why someone should carry on supporting somebody else if they have been rude enough to unfollow you straight away!
Favourite Blogging Tools - Naked HEAT
Favourite Blogging Tools - Urban Decay
Last but not least, is my trusty photo editing app Colorstory. Now I have to confess that all of my photos are taken on my Iphone. I have tried using a camera and it was just too big and difficult to get my head around that I just thought shove it and carried on with my phone. The quality in photos is a massive difference and definitely something that I’d consider in the future but for now I love this little app. It’s perfect for brightening photo’s and sharpening them up! Here’s a couple of photo’s I’ve edited on this app – I think the outcomes are amazing!

Another added bonus to all these Apps is that they are all free!! What Apps do you use to keep your blog in order?

Lots of Love,
S x


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