August Goals

Is there anyone else that thinks this year is just going crazily fast? I have no idea where on earth July disappeared to, but I’m excited to be going into August very soon. I’ve got a lot planned next month, so I decided it was best to set myself some monthly goals as it’s so easy to get swallowed up and not focus on what you’re wanting to achieve.

august goals

Start eating breakfast

A slightly weird goal, but one I’ve been meaning to get round to for a while. Everyone I speak to says that I should be eating breakfast in the morning, and if I’m honest the only reason I don’t have it is because I’m purely too lazy to get myself out of bed earlier. I love breakfast foods, and more often than not I wake up hungry so it would definitely be a good meal for me to have. The first two weeks of August I’m not at work, so hopefully this will help me get into a routine of eating breakfast so that when I’m back at work, I actively want to get out of bed to eat some breakfast!

Post Regularly

I decided recently that I will be scheduling my blog posts so that I will be posting every Monday and Thursday. When I first started blogging, my posts were just whenever I decided to upload and I realised that it would be much more organised if I had set days. This way, not only will you guys know when to expect a post, but also it means I can organise myself and have a bit more routine in the way of blogging (and for me, routine is a must!). I will be so happy if I manage to keep this going all throughout August!

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Although I set myself this goal regularly, it’s one I only seem to achieve when I set my mind to it. I read books really easily, and when I start I don’t stop so my books don’t last me any longer than a night (which is a nightmare as it means reading costs a lot on a regular basis!). I’m yet to start ‘Wilde Like Me’ and I’ve ordered some more that will be coming this week so I’ve got 6 books to keep me going so far!

Reach 2,000 followers on Twitter

Not a particularly important goal, but one I would love to reach anyway. I’ve been working hard on my twitter, promoting my posts and engaging with loads of other bloggers and I can honestly say it’s really paying off. I’m seeing my followers go up every day which is absolutely amazing, so I’d love to reach the 2k mark next month! I’m around 100 followers away from this goal.. you know what to do guys!

“The ultimate reason for setting goals is to entice you to become the person it takes to achieve them” – Jim Rohn

Hopefully I can stick to these goals, and I’m so excited to see what August has in store for me. Are there any goals you’ll be hoping to achieve next month?


S x

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