Cars: What you need to know

Not my normal type of post, granted but seen as though a few of you said you’d like posts on the basics of cars, I thought I’d give it a go. I am by no means an expert on cars (I’ll probably get my dad to proof read this, thanks dad) but I feel like so many young people lack even just a basic knowledge on the vehicle’s they’re driving, purely because there just isn’t anybody telling them about it.. so this gals gonna give it a shot.

Cars can be expensive, frustrating and very difficult to understand at the best of times. Before I started working at a garage a whole two years ago, my knowledge on cars was really limited. By limited I mean, I knew what make of vehicle I was driving and I knew how to fill it up with petrol. That’s all you need to know.. right?

Not so right. Cars are like needy pets, they always require attention. Today I’ll go into detail about just how important it is to keep your vehicle serviced. Bare with me, I’ll try to make it as easy as possible!

Rose Gold Peugeot Cars

My lil rose gold baby, isn’t she b-e-a-uuutiful

What is a Service?

A service is where a mechanic checks over your vehicle and changes the oil and the appropriate filters. Fluids in your vehicle are topped up and tyre’s are checked for wear and made sure they have the correct tyre pressure. It gives you a full picture of the vehicle, also advising on what work will need carrying out in the near future.

Why do I need to Service my vehicle when I have it MOT’d?

An MOT is almost like a basic snapshot of the safety of the vehicle. It makes sure that your car is safe for both you and other road users. In an MOT, the tester is NOT allowed to move anything, or take anything off the vehicle and all vehicles are put through the same test. A service is much more specific and thorough, as the mechanic will inspect brakes and all of the suspension parts, looking out for any noises or wear. The changing of the oil in your vehicle is one of the most important parts of your service. If your vehicle is not serviced and the oil has not been changed, it can cause some serious damage to your engine and turbo. The kinda damage you don’t wanna hear about. The breaking-the-bank kinda damage. Old oil = big no no.

How come on my MOT my brakes have only been advised, but the garage have said I need to get them done now?

This is a perfect example of why it’s important to have your car serviced as well as MOT’d. As I mentioned previously, the MOT tester is not allowed to take your wheels off to thoroughly check the brakes, so has to make a decision on just looking at them. In a service, the mechanic will accurately measure your brakes with the wheels removed and if they are under the minimum thickness, they will require changing.

Cars: The basics

Fortunately, I now know what car I drive, what fuel to put in her, AND why to service her!      (Yes, she is a her and she goes by the name of Polly..)

A general reason why some people choose to not service their vehicle is because they think they can save some money. True.. On a short-term basis. The Service also looks at things such as when timing belt’s are due, and these are big game changers in the world of cars. If your vehicle has a timing belt fitted, and these are not changed routinely, it’s possible that your timing belt can snap and then it’s.. well…… possibly end of car. Trust me when I then say that it’s a lot more to fork in out in one hit than it is in short bursts to service every year. Long term, servicing and maintaining your vehicle will increase it’s lifespan, and reduce the possibility of high cost when something goes wrong.

Did you know just how important servicing your vehicle was? Let me know if this has helped at all!


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