The “Oh Sh*t’s” of the Customer Service World

Customer service based jobs can be a difficult yet very rewarding task. If you’ve ever worked in a customer service role, you’ll know that it is not a job, it’s a skill. And a bloody hard one to master at that. Personally, I feel you either have an inkling towards working with people or you don’t, and forcing this can end up in a total disaster. If you’ve never worked in retail or worked with customers, you have no idea about some of the “Oh sh*t’s” we go through all day every day. Well.. Let me enlighten you.

“Oh sh*t, not you again”

Unfortunately, there is always going to be a handful of customers you absolutely dread coming in. The ones who can talk for Britain; Those who don’t talk at all; The ones who question everything you say; Ones who expect you to have a crystal ball at hand, ya know, the list goes on. The problem is, no matter how hard you try you’re always gonna love em.

“Oh sh*t, quick”

When you have a job that requires answering phones, you can guarantee as soon as you start to do something, that phone’s gonna ring. Every. Damn. Time. Fancy a cup of tea? Customer rings. Fancy a sweet? Customer rings. Need the toilet? You bet that customer’s gonna ring. The struggle is real. I quickly found that it is 100% not do-able to answer the phone with a whole pack of strawbs piece of fruit shoved in your mouth. I do eat healthy at work, I promise..

“Oh sh*t..”

Just.. oh sh*t in general really. There is never a dull moment working in a customer service role, and the amount of times a day this phrase must come out of my mouth is phenomenal. From forgetting to ring a customer back, to a customer thinking I have a magic crystal ball (unfortunately this isn’t the case, as much as I would love to have one), you bet I’ll be “Oh sh*t”-ing about something or other.

There are plentttty more where these come from, as you can imagine. Do you or have you ever worked in a customer service role?


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