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DA Score.. Who, What, Where, Why, When?!

Now I appreciate there are a lot of posts on DA in the blogging world, although I still see people on social media saying they aren’t sure what it is, how to improve it or where to find this score. I am by no means an expert in this field (in fact, the polar opposite really as I’m positively a newbie) but I think I’ve learnt some important tips along the way which I’m going to be sharing with you. Bare with me and grab some snacks as this could be pretty lengthy so I apologise in advance.

What is a DA score, and why is it important?

A DA score (Domain Authority) is how highly your website is ranked in terms of being found on search engines. For example, the higher your DA score, the more chance of being found organically through a web search. A lot of the time, bigger brands will ask for your DA score when working with influencers and look for a DA score of 20+ so if you’re wanting to expand your blog and work with more brands, this score will become more and more important. Now this score doesn’t come easy, and it really doesn’t help that there is no definite rules to improving this score, so it’s trial and error all the way unfortunately.

A DA score can only be correctly determined if your blog has it’s own domain, as if you are using a wordpress domain, it will calculate WordPress’ DA and not your own, which is why having your own domain comes in really handy, as well as looking more professional. The easiest way to check your domain is by using Moz which will give you an accurate DA Score. This score updates regularly every month so make sure you keep watching for any improvements!

So, what can I do to improve my DA?

If you thought reading and understanding the first paragraph was hard enough, this is where the hard part really comes in. Seeing as though Moz doesn’t tell you how they calculate the scores, there are numerous things I have done to increase my DA Score from 1 to 13 in just the last 2 months. Do you want me to share these with you? Of course you do.. so let’s get on with it.

Make sure you’re linking as much as possible

This is one that I see people talking about everywhere, and even the Moz website gives a little hint that links are important for your DA Score, as it checks root links etc which determines how trusty your website is. If you leave links to websites with a higher DA and vice versa, this shows Google that your website is trustworthy and therefore you are going to score higher. I try to include at least one link in each post either to a different website, or old posts of mine which I have gone back and done in the past few months and hey presto.. my score improved! Guest posts are a great way of doing this especially if you’re guest posting on a blog with a higher DA Score!

Comment on lots of other people’s posts

I love this one because not only do you get to read some fantastic posts, but you also get to improve your own DA score through sharing some love! By leaving comments on other people’s posts, you’re showing Google that you’re active and by leaving your website below your comment, you are linking back to your site through their website, therefore again showing you are a trustworthy site. Make sure you’re leaving your FULL address links at the end of each comment, and keep sharing the love as much as possible!

Get rid of all those broken links

Broken Links are an absolute nightmare to all website owners, and what makes it more difficult is that most broken links come from people leaving comments on your posts with an incorrect link back to their site. It’s a bit of a pain and can add up if you leave it too long, but by checking these broken links regularly (I aim for once a week now), it makes your site full of correct, useful information which always looks good and more professional. I have a full post on checking broken links here if you’re struggling – see what I did there?!

I have been using these tips for the previous two months and in that time, my DA Score has improved in both months going from 1 to 13 overall!

Make your posts longer

From what I’ve heard, Google takes longer posts more serious as it believes it is crammed with lots of useful information, and therefore it is likely that this could improve your DA score. Lately, I’ve been making sure that my post are at least over 450 words which I’m positive is making a difference to my DA score. Sometimes, short posts are needed which is understandable although I would suggest trying to make your posts as long as possible (and not just stretching out each sentence and adding words in.. no cheating!!).

Try to use headings in your posts

This one to me makes perfect sense because if you think about it, it correctly formats your posts and makes them so much easier for your users to read, which is more than likely going to make your posts seems more professional and useful. I never used to think about this and only ever used headings when it suited my posts and now I consciously try to structure my posts to add headings in where possible.

Start your posts with writing and not images

I don’t particularly understand why this is a big deal (if you do know, holla at me) but it’s one I’ve taken on board because I’m willing to take any old advice to increase my DA score! When I first started blogging, I always started my blog posts with pictures and now I start all my posts with writing. I’m not sure whether this had made a huge difference but as my blog has grown, I feel it makes my posts look more professional which is important – if this increases my DA I guess it’s an extra added bonus!

My advice to you would be to try to incorporate these tips into every blog post you write. Moz gives you a date where it states when the next update will be, but for the previous two months it has done the update over a week early (sneaky..) so make sure you don’t just do all this a few days before the update is due else you may miss out on that higher DA score. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of continuous, hard work to improve your DA score and it’s never going to happen overnight. It’s also important to note that your DA score can decrease just as easily, so make sure you’re keeping on top of everything at all times!

If you have any other tips and tricks on what you do to improve your DA score, this gal would be very happy to hear them! Hopefully this post has helped in some way!


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How to improve your da score
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