The start of Christmas


Ok maybe not quite, but Christmas for me absolutely starts today, December 1st. The tree goes up, the house turns into santa’s grotto (quite literally, we tend to do christmas big in our house), the christmas songs start blaring from the kitchen and it’s all go from there really. I love this part of Christmas, where everyone is in that jolly, excitable mood singing ‘All I Want for Christmas, is youuuuu’ at the top of their lungs in their christmas jumpers. You spend all evening pulling boxes down from the loft and getting excited when you find a decoration you love, that you absolutely forgot about. Am I right?

Rose gold basket containing cute christmas decorations getting ready for blogmas.

Admittedly, I’ve been watching christmas movies at every possible chance for the past couple of weeks. It’s never too early to get into the festive spirit, snuggling up in blankets with a big mug of hot choc watching Elf. I’m 99% sure my dad will get fed up of watching films about reindeers every night (sorry dad!) but it shuts me and mum up for a good few hours so I’m sure he will enjoy the peace and quiet. Wayy back in October, I had my first hot choc in my santa mug and I got a lot of stick for it (boo you scrooges). I continued to drink hot choc from my santa mug every night on the down low…

Also way back in October the christmas bedding came out. Now unfortunately, I’m not talking reindeer bed sheets (as much as I would love them), but I am talking a full fleeced duvet ~oh my jesus~ AND a new snuggly throw for the bottom of my bed. Ok so, I already have two of these Costco throws because they are the softest things I have ever touched, but I needed a new one to colour match my bedding. Ya know how it goes – right? Also I picked up a hugeeeee snuggly pillow that has the same materials as my throw on because, everyone needs more pillows to throw on the floor, right??

I can confirm this bedding choice was one of the best purchases I have made in my whole entire life. This duvet and pillow set was from Next – it’s fully fleeced and it’s so snuggly. I don’t want to ever go back to normal bed sheets again!!

I’m already a long way into my Christmas shopping and I’ve ordered Christmas cards ready to write out next week. Writing up posts for Blogmas has just added to my excitement so there really is no stopping me this year! Festivity has hit me good and proper I’m afraid!

Light box with christmas decorations in preparation for blogmas

So, welcome to Blogmas boys and gals.. When does Christmas start for you?

Christmas Logo

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