15 signs you’re a blogger

I’ve been in the blogging world for 10 months now, and I’ve found myself doing the strangest things I never thought I’d be doing, both in public and in the comfort of my own home. What are those things you might be thinking? Well.. here’s 15 signs you’re a blogger.

1. You spend that long trying to get a decent photo of your food/drink, that by the time you’re finished it’s practically cold.

Not so appetising anymore.. but at least you got that perfect shot for insta. Whether you’ve made a nice meal at the dining table and your dads moaning at you cause he wants to start tucking in, or whether you’re stood in the middle of a nice restaurant desperately trying to get that insta-worthy shot before everyone starts to think you’re a complete nutter.. we’ve all done it. Have you just made a cup of tea to go in that ‘productive, sitting by my laptop with my notebooks getting loads of work done’ shot? That’s going straight down the drain, sorry b.

2. Every photo has to have the ‘Does this fit the insta theme’ approval.

15 signs you're a blogger productive image

3. You have notebooks everywhere.

You buy yourself notebooks, your family buy you notebooks.. notebooks are frantically breeding by the second. None of them are full, and most of them only have one note in them. You never throw them away though, because that one note of a blogpost idea may be the post that goes viral. They never end up all in the same place, because there’s just not enough time in the day to be transferring notes from each book. You just got to learn to live with notebooks sitting everywhere in the house.

4. Waking up early on the weekend to catch the natural lighting.

5. You’re friends are sick of taking those (not so) candid photos.

‘This is a nice location, take a picture of me candidly walking with my gorgeous new bag by my side wearing an insta-worthy outfit that definitely wasn’t planned. Make sure you get my good angle, to make it look even more candid.’ Sorry best friends, parents, boyfriends but you got signed up for this job as soon as that blog was published. A quick shoutout to all those strangers though, who are blissfully unaware of the situation whilst asking ‘would you like me to take a picture of the both of you?’.

6. Your camera roll is mostly product images and flatlays.

15 signs you're a blogger camera roll

7. Having blu-tack in your room at all times.

If you don’t use blu-tack, do you even flatlay? If you can manage to balance your round lipstick/mascaras the right way up and the lipstick lids showing the brand clearly on a flat surface, I seriously applaud you because that is some wizardry right there. It takes a long time to strategically place my lipsticks in the right place so they don’t roll around everywhere before getting a good shot.

8. You’re always glued to your phone.

9. You’ve cried over SEO problems.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. Trying to sort out broken links or moving your blog over to self-hosted. Yoast is telling you you’re SEO for your post is sh*t but you just can’t get that green box ticked. SEO is a bloggers worst nightmare as it’s so difficult to grasp and incredibly important!

10. You’ve rolled your eyes way too many times at cheeky PR emails offering a whole lot of nothing for hours of your hard work.

11. You’ve got a folder crammed full of apps called ‘Blogging’.

You name an app, and it’s most likely in there. Editing apps, social media apps, links to MOZ to keep an eye on your DA score  and even apps to check who’s playing the follow-unfollow games because we gotta keep on top of those pests.

12. People you meet always ask ‘Do you just get loads of stuff sent to you for free?’

13. You can’t go on pinterest for just 5 minutes.

You log onto Pinterest to have a quick update, and the next minute you’ve spent the past 2 hours pinning pictures of dogs because they’re cute and a whole new bunch of makeup in your ‘to buy’ board.

14. You use exclamations marks for everything, even when you’re not excited.

15. There just simply isn’t enough time in the day.

Most of us don’t blog for a living, so there’s jobs or education to tend with on top of blogging. We’re often up till early hours of the morning when we get a sudden burst of motivation. We also spend so many hours reading other blogs and lusting over pretty instagram themes.

15 signs you're a blogger image
Can you relate to any of these?
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