Tour Scrapbooking

There’s something about going to see an artist you love play live that just fills me with such joy and excitement. I can’t think of a better feeling than being stood with my best friend, surrounded by so many happy people all there for the same reason, dancing and singing at the top of my lungs, to my favourite songs by my favourite artists.. it really does give me such a buzz. I’m incredibly lucky that I manage to see so many live artists perform, and I always end up with such amazing tickets too. Sometimes, they can be pretty costly but for the feeling I get when I’m there, it’s absolutely worth every single penny!

Tour Scrapbooking: The Wanted

Tour scrapbooking is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Putting all of my memories together in one place is just the perfect idea however I had not a single clue how to start. I jotted down ideas in a notebook of everything I wanted in this book and then set out to get the basics of what I needed.

Tour Scrapbooking: Meeting Hometown

Printing pictures of when I met Hometown, the supporting act for The Vamps.

Seeing as though I experience so many tours, I’ve kept pretty much every single one of my tickets other than the ones mum was in charge of when I was younger, and instead of them being stuck in a bag in my wardrobe (as I do with everything because I am such a bad hoarder), I decided to do something with them that I can cherish forever whilst adding to it! I ventured in to Hobbycraft and picked up a huge Scrapbook, pens, card and stickers and set to work.

How I started

  • Sort through all your tickets etc and put them into Chronological order. This way, you won’t miss anything out and you can start from the very beginning and work your way through all your memories!
  • For older gigs you went to, check online to see if you can find the Set lists for them. This part took me ages and I had to search google, listen to countless fans youtube videos, and watch back my own videos to make sure I had the correct setlist. Although it was quite time consuming, I like seeing which songs artists performed and when as I tend to see a lot of artists multiple times (Im looking at you, The Vamps, 22 times and counting..). I also made a note of who the support acts too as it’s nice to remember who you saw!
  • Go through and find all your pictures from each event, if you have any! I had so many from each show, that I narrowed it down to a select few I liked and got them printed out at Printiki! It made everything so much easier for me, as I didn’t have to worry about finding glossy paper and cutting down all my images etc, they were all the perfect size to pop straight into my scrapbook.
    Tour Scrapbooking: Meeting The Wanted

    I had these pictures printed as they are both times we met The Wanted, and the first time we ever met The Vamps!


It’s important to remember with Scrapbooking that every page does not have look perfect, in fact far from it! At first, I pulled out countless pages because one word was wonkier than the other or one letter was a different size, but in the end I decided to wing it and I actually love that things aren’t perfect, and it’s all done free hand by myself. On the picture below, I decided to choose one of my favourite songs that the Vamps sung on your and fill the blank spaces by writing all the lyrics to the song. It’s a great way to fill dead space without filling it full of stickers etc!Tour Scrapbooking: The Vamps

As you can see this book is very much work in progress, but I’m super enjoying reliving all those moments at every single one of the events I’ve attended! I’ll be adding more to this book as the year goes by as I already have a few concerts coming up this year which is when The Vamps go on tour.. shock!

Have you ever tried scrapbooking before?

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