Do bloggers need to be relatable?

‘Do bloggers need to be relatable?’

Now this question has posed a lot of controversy in the blogging world. I’ve seen people disagreeing left, right and centre and people putting their views out there only to be scrutinised.

Is there really any right answer to this question? Every blogger wants their posts to be liked and read and part of that usually means the reader engaging and relating with the post, therefore enjoying it more. But are we forgetting that people’s blogs are THEIR corner of the web and simply they can post about whatever the hell they want, whether it’s relatable to other people or not? Not everyone is going to like and relate to everything so how can this possibly be maintained through every blog post? I sure couldn’t make my posts relate to every single reader of my blog.. In fact my dad reads my blog (Hi, dad) and if I was to possibly try to make every blog post relatable to him I’d have to include something or other about boats, which quite frankly I couldn’t give two hoots about (sorry, dad..).

Just because something isn’t relatable to you, doesn’t mean it isn’t to other people.

I have seen plenty of tweets (and I am not singling anyone out here, in fact I couldn’t even name any of the accounts that tweeted these things) saying that bloggers who write about higher end products just aren’t relatable. Is this for real?! What about all those people who use high end makeup, could they not relate to that post? Obviously they could. Just because that particular blogger doesn’t write about the brands you usually buy from, does not make them unrelatable, it just means that not everyone can fully relate to what they are writing about and you know what? That is more than okay. Not every blogger and post is going to be your cup of tea but to make comments about them being unrelatable is just completely unfair from my point of view.

Relatable debate with sazsinclair

Look at the vast range of bloggers we have in this community. Beauty bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, bloggers who like tea, books, history, fashion.. the list truly does go on. I’m not a huge fan of tea and I can’t drink much due to migraines, but I actually still enjoy readingĀ  content on blogs purely dedicated to tea. It’s not relatable to me, granted but there are so many people out there that those posts will relate to therefore.. making it relatable – who’d have thought!

Being different is something to embrace, not avoid

Different people have different views and different people buy different things. Bloggers are relatable to their target group and if you don’t relate, don’t follow and go find someone who writes about the things you love, it really is that easy. What’s not okay is to put bloggers down making them feel unrelatable just because you don’t relate to their content.

I feel like I’m having a good old trusty rant here (which I’m allowed to do, because this is my corner of the web!!!) but I just feel like these bloggers and blogs shouldn’t be targeted just because they write about a particular subject not everyone buys/can relate to. There are many different people in the world with different interests/hobbies which I think is what makes the blogging community so damn great, you can literally find anything on here whether you’re into beauty and want an update on the latest palette release or you enjoying baking and are looking for new cookie recipes.

What are your thought’s on bloggers being ‘relatable’ or not?

Saz Sinclair

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