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Lusting over luxury items I want to buy has become one of my favourite past times. I don’t know about you, but spending a couple of hundred pounds on things like belts seems so unjustifiable, even if they are the most gorgeous things you’ve ever laid eyes on. Whilst completely in my element of procrastination, I’ve somehow managed to build up quite the list of items I wish I could throw my money at.. but I quite frankly don’t have the balls to bankrupt myself.

Louis Vuitton – Capucines Wallet | £885.00

Unfortunately, I didn’t add an extra ‘8’ to the price of this gorgeous purse, as much as you’re probably hoping I’d made a typo. Just look at how beautifully made this purse is, isn’t it just so god damn dreamy? Everytime I look at this I have serious heart eye emoji feels.

Luxury wishlist: Louis Vuitton Capucines Wallet

“Crafted in supple Taurillon leather with a leather-covered LV signature, this elegant wallet is inspired by the emblematic Capucines line. Sensorial yet functional, it is still large enough to fit all your daily essentials.” and also large enough in cost to make me run a mile. Eurgh LV, stop it!

Zoeva – Rose Golden Complete Set Vol 1 | £110.00

Lusting over pretty brush sets is my new found forte, and this set definitely takes 1st place. I talk myself out of purchasing these everytime they end up in my basket. If only these were a need, not a want!

Luxury Wishlist: Zoeva Rose Golden Brushes

“The enchanting composition of 15 luxurious, handcrafted brushes made of rose golden ferrules and matte brown handles comes stowed in an elegant dark brown brush clutch and is a statement accessory on every beauty lover’s vanity.” oh how this statement makes me want to shout ‘TAKE MY MONEY’.

Gucci – Leather Belt with Double G Buckle | £320.00

Trust me Gucci, I need all the G’s I can get okay. As I dream about one day owning this belt (is that weird?) I picture myself turning into a complete girlboss who has her life together.. although at this price, the only G’s this gal’s having is good old G&T’S in town on a saturday night.

Luxury Wishlist Gucci Double G Belt

Links of London – XS Sterling Silver Chain Charm Bracelet | £70.00

This one is not so much a break-the-bank kinda figure, but a bracelet I’ve been really loving. I’m a sucker for cute bracelets and this is not exception. I love the way this bracelet fastens with the clasp too as tiny fasteners are a nightmare with false nails!

Luxury Wishlist - Links of London Charm Bracelet

“This silver chain bracelet features a classic T bar fastening and a mixture of elongated links and hoops. The perfect addition to your jewellery box. It can be worn alone as a simple and elegant chain or personalised with our range of keepsakes.” ooo, suave.

Inkerman have been in touch for this interview to find out more about my favourite luxury items, to find out what’s important to me and factors I consider before treating myself to something from my luxury wishlist. Inkerman is a luxury gift brand, specializing in personalized gifts for milestone events.

What is the best gift you have ever given?

This is a ridiculously hard question. In regards to luxury, some of the best gifts I’ve given didn’t cost a great deal but I knew the person receiving would love them.

What is the most sentimental item you own?

Probably my pandora bracelet. It has charms from so many different people for so many different occasions in my life! I can hands down remember who got my each charm and when they got it for me.

What factors do you consider before investing in a luxury item?

Most importantly, I ask myself whether I am actually going to use the item. Usually, I want something and then I realise I’m probably only ever going to use it once or twice!

What are your top 5 favourite luxury items?

Tiffany Bracelet | Macbook | My car | Ted Baker bag & Purse | iPhone (obviously!!!)

What is your dream gift?

Now this, is an easy one. Pass me a pair of those Louboutins I’ve been dreaming of any day. Any takers?

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