Commitment Palette – Makeup Revolution Review

Makeup Revolution admittedly hasn’t been a brand I’d ever tried out before, so purchasing the Commitment Palette from Superdrug was my first ever experience with the brand. Recently, I’ve started taking a lot more care in what beauty products I’m buying and making sure the brands are cruelty free. Makeup Revolution is a cruelty free brand so when I saw this gorgeous palette full of golden, warm tones I just knew I had to add it to my collection.

I picked this little beauty up before Christmas and thought I’d give it a good few tries before writing out a full review. I’ve taken the time to wear this on both a daily basis, and when I’ve gone out for the evening too.

Commitment Palette full picture

First Impressions

The palette packing is a compact, shiny black casing and it has a real nice feel to it. The shimmers are absolutely gorgeous to look at, and the shades are all fairly neutral making it perfect to use on a daily basis. The matte shades in this palette are incredibly creamy and so easy to blend, something I was skeptical about as palette’s I’ve tried from other drugstore brands have often lacked in blendability. The shimmer shades in this palette I have to say are not the most pigmented (compared to those of Urban Decay/ABH quality that I use every day). However, this is easy to get round by packing more product onto the brush. This didn’t put me off as I don’t experience any fallout after I have built up this eyeshadow – which pretty much counteracts the problem in my eyes!

Commitment Palette full shot

Is the Commitment Palette worth the money?

For just £16, I think this palette is an absolute steal. With a whole 35 different shades to choose from, it works out at just £0.45p each! Personally, I think this should be a staple palette in everyones collection as there are so many easy shades to wear for a subtle look, or to use as base shades for other colours too. Additionally, I also think that this palette would be great for anyone just starting to use eyeshadow, as you can make it as subtle or heavy as you like. It’s also full of warm tones so there’s nothing too bold to start off with!

 Have you tried anything from Makeup Revolution before?


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