Valentines day with a twist

With 14th February fast approaching, people are starting to leave hints to their partners left, right and centre about how they would like to spend the big Valentines Day. This could be anything from staying in and ordering a fat chinese, going out for a meal to your favourite place, or splashing out and going away for a long weekend. What will I be doing? Celebrating Galentines Day to the absolute max. 

Yep, you heard. I’m gonna be showing as much love as possible to all my gals out there, even the loved up ones. A few years ago, I would’ve squirmed away from Valentines day at every given opportunity and sat feeling like a complete single lonely loser with lots of snacks crying at Dear John. Not this year.

‘Valentines Day: The celebration of love and affection’

Are you seeing anywhere here that only couples in relationships should celebrate Valentines Day? I’m not. Is this just a tradition that has been manipulated as the years have gone on? You don’t hear anything from brands/advertisers about celebrating with your friends, it’s almost always solely relationship based. Well, I’m shoving two fingers up to the manipulation and I’m here shout it from the rooftops. I’m doing Galentines Day instead. I frickin LOVE my girls. They deserve to be celebrated. More and more and more. I don’t think we see anywhere near enough that Valentines should be about celebrating any of your loved ones. This could be your partner, your friends, your parents, your neighbours or even your pets. Valentines shouldn’t be about singling people out. It should be about reminding your loved ones that you freakin love ’em.

I would love to take all my girls out on one massive date night but with them all dotted around the country, but that could be a tad difficult. What I am planning though, is a little something just to show them how much I love them, without being an absolute melt. Why not send them a long text first thing in the morning to remind them how much you appreciate them? Or have a bunch of flowers delivered to their doorstep. The possibilities are endless.

Valentines day is wonderful. Spending it with your partner is wonderful. Celebrating it with your friends is wonderful and ordering a whole large domino’s pizza to spend the evening with Netflix is wonderful. Valentines day should be embraced, whatever the circumstances!

How will you be spending this Valentines day?

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