Glowing my way through 2018

If you’re anything like me, you’ll use any excuse to cover yourself in highlighter because is there anything better than your cheekbones glowing brighter than your future? The answers no. In the recent months, I’ve gathered quite the collection of highlighters and I’ll be sharing with you the top 3 I’ll be wearing through 2018.

Urban Decay – Afterglow Highlighter Palette

Now this, is a game changer. This is the palette I seem to be reaching for every time, as it provides highlights for a subtle or a killer glow. There are four different shades in this palette that are all just so beautiful you’re almost spoilt for choice. I thought that ‘Peroxide’ -the more pinky colour- wouldn’t suit me as I don’t tend to wear blush, but it’s such a subtle glow and it looks so natural that I quite enjoy wearing it. The ‘Side Piece’ golden colour in the bottom right hand corner of the palette is my absolute saviour for when I go out. It definitely gives me those ‘highlight on fleek’ vibes. At a price of £27, it’s definitely more on the higher end price wise but I would certainly say it’s worth the price. If I’m right too, I also believe this palette is special edition!


Glowing my way through 2018 - Urban Decay Afterglow Highlight Palette

MUA – Undress your skin highlighting powder Iridescent Gold

This was my first ever highlighter, that J bought me because I would use hers every time I saw her. This highlighter is just amazing, and perfect for when you want a really obvious highlight. I’d say the difference between this highlighter and the Urban Decay above, is that this one is more a shine and has a golden gleam to it that sits on the face, whereas I think the Urban Decay blends more and has more of a natural gleam. You can get this highlighter powder at just £3 from Superdrug, which is just a no brainer in my eyes. Your makeup bag will definitely thank you for this one!

Benefit – Girl Meets Pearl

If you’ve been here from the start, you day ones will have seen me raving about this in my makeup essentials post, and nothing has changed. I’m still in awe of this product, and I think as an everyday product I couldn’t imagine myself using anything else. The creamy texture of this product makes it oh so easy to blend and it looks great with makeup, or without as a dewy shine to your cheekbones. Coming at a price of £25.50, it’s definitely towards the higher end range and doesn’t last as long as the powder highlighters. I would definitely recommend this as a staple in your makeup collection, as this can also be used with your foundation to add a subtle glow. Girl meets Pearl is not a want, but a need.

Glowing my way through 2018 - Girl Meets Pearl Benefit Highlighter


I’ll definitely be glowing my way through 2018, which highlighters will you be wearing?

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