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I’d been browsing Cult Beauty for a good few weeks and my basket was slowly filling up with things I needed wanted but I never got round to ordering. Once February came around, I started using the ‘It’s my Birthday month’ excuse to justify any big spends and this was definitely one of them – ya know, you’ve got to treat yourself right?! Right. Cult Beauty is one of my favourite places to online shop as there’s so many brands in one place it makes life so much easier.

What did I buy?

Too Faced: Born This Way Foundation | £29.00

With a reputation of being a long-lasting, full coverage cult favourite it was no surprise this foundation was first on my hit list and boy has it not disappointed. I’m definitely the type of gal who prefers a full coverage formula and Born This Way is so buildable but also so light on the face. Usually with full coverage foundations they tend to be a really thick texture but this foundation is super creamy and glides along the face allowing for a flawless application – result!

Cult Beauty Haul - The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

The Ordinary: Coverage Foundation | £5.90

The Ordinary brand has had a lot of speculation amongst bloggers and I’ve only heard positive views around this foundation. At a price of £5.90, I really don’t think you can go wrong with this product as even if you don’t get along with the foundation at least it hasn’t broken the bank! I decided to pick up two of these foundations because they were so cheap and I fake tan religiously. Picking up a lighter and darker shade means I’m always going to be covered. I am really impressed with the formula of these and a little goes such a long way.

The Ordinary: High Adherence Silicone Primer | £3.90

I’ve wanted this primer ever since I saw Debra raving about this over on her blog. I have a super oily T-Zone but I’m pretty normal everywhere else, meaning keeping foundation on my face can be such a chore. I was really excited when I’d heard about this but it was out of stock every time I tried to buy it and I totally can see why. My makeup can last all day with this primer and it feels so hydrating, whereas mattifying primers I have previously used have felt quite dry. To read a full review (I’m warning you now you’ll probably want to buy it) head over to Debra’s post.

Huda Beauty: Mauve Obsessions Palette | £25.00

I’m not going to lie to you, as soon as I received this palette I felt ROBBED. I thought Huda Beauty had absolutely had my pants down and here’s why; The palette packaging itself is really tiny and when I saw it I thought surely this isn’t what I ordered. In fact it took me about 5 minutes just to open it as I was so busy complaining about how small it was. When I actually opened this palette up, I had to eat my words a little bit. Yes, this palette packaging is tiny but the eyeshadows themselves are of a decent size, it’s just super compact packaging. I’ve tried 5 of these shades so far and they’ve all been really buttery and really easy to blend which is exactly what I look for in eye shadows! It’s safe to say I don’t feel like I was robbed anymore.

Cult Beauty Haul: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Too Faced: Better Than Sex Mascara | £19.00

I think it’s fair to say that this product has a lot to live up to with a promised statement name like ‘Better Than Sex’. I struggle to find a good mascara because I am so damn picky, I just can’t deal with clumpy spider like-lashes no thank you. This product is far from my worst nightmare, I can’t believe a mascara can actually be this good. The wand is my absolute favourite, there’s no wiggling it around at awkward angles to reach all those inner lashes, it does all the work for you. It has a really good consistency where it’s not thick and clumpy but it gives the lashes a good coating. I have a feeling this will be my ride or die mascara for a good while now!

Cult Beauty Haul: Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk Lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury: Matte Revolution in ‘Pillowtalk’ | £24.00 

Never have I ever spent this much on a lipstick before but I just absolutely needed this in my life. Charlotte Tilbury is a brand I’ve wanted to try for so long so I was really excited when this arrived. Pillowtalk has been one of the most talked about lipsticks and honestly the shade is just divine. From the packaging to the product itself, I can’t find a single fault. The formula is so hydrating, and it has that ‘just applied’ feel for hours after application which I have never experienced from any other lipsticks.

Cult Beauty Haul: Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipstick Nudes Set

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Mini Matte Lipstick Set – Nudes | £22.00

When I saw this set I just could not resist from buying them. Nude lipsticks are my go to’s and who can say no to a mini set? Not me. I think these shades are perfect for all year round and so easy to stick in your clutch for a night out. These little pots of joy are also so hydrating and very pigmented! Cult Beauty really got me good with this one.

Have you ordered anything from Cult Beauty recently?

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