Too Faced Born This Way Foundation Review

Too Faced are a brand currently taking my makeup collection by storm and it’s no surprise why. Being cruelty free with dreamy branding and unbeatable kick-ass products, I can’t seem to stop buying from this brand. Every product I buy makes me want to try another one. If you find a brand that gives you this kinda feeling, you just gotta rave about it. That’s exactly what I’m here to do with the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation.

See, this foundation has been on my radar for a long time now. I’m kinda picky with my foundations so branching out to try a new one without procrastinating for a good few months is kind of a big deal. The coverage in a foundation is also a huge deal breaker for me. If it’s not gonna be my new wing woman and cover me at all costs then I’m not really interested. Sorry boo.

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Did the coverage meet expectations?

Let me start by saying my expectations from a foundation are quite demanding. I have a very oily T-Zone and combination skin elsewhere, which means a stubborn foundation and an unsupportive primer can be an absolute recipe for disaster. When wearing foundation, I like the product to be more full coverage so that all my freckles can be covered up and I have a really even finish to my look.

With this foundation, I wear The Ordinary Silicone Primer which was also from my Cult Beauty haul. This gives me the perfect base to lay my foundation on and has helped so much with tackling my oily T-Zone. In terms of the amount of coverage this product has to offer, Too Faced claim this is ‘Medium-to-full, undetectable coverage’ which I feel is a true reflection of the product. It’s definitely not the fullest foundation I have worn however it is much more than medium coverage and can be built up really easily without feeling like you’ve plastered your face. Always a result.

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What about the wearability?

I’m not sure whether I made that word up but I’m just gonna roll with it. I apply this foundation around 07:30am each morning and by the time I get back at 7pm that night, I still haven’t had to worry about re-powdering and my makeup still looks like it was only applied a few hours ago. If I’m being completely honest I don’t think I’ve ever used a foundation that has beat this long lasting formula! The product has a really nice consistency which allows the foundation to be built up without looking like paint, and it’s also super smooth which is great for blending with both a brush and a beauty blender. The finish of this product I would describe as slightly dewy. My skin has a really healthy looking glow when using this foundation which is a huge selling point for me. Gimme that glow any day!

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Is it worth the price tag?

In terms of foundation, this product does come with a slightly more expensive price tag. I do think this is expected of a high end beauty brand such as Too Faced though. For a standard 30ml bottle, this product will set you back £29, which in my opinion is worth every penny. When using this product, I use around 1-2 pumps for a full coverage look. If you wanted a lighter look you would use even less product. For the coverage, consistency and a foundation that lasts all day, I think this is such a steal.

The Too Faced Born This Way Foundation is definitely up my street, what do you think?

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