What I got for my 21st Birthday

Two weeks ago on my 21st birthday I was sat on my living room floor completely overwhelmed by the generosity from all the lovely people who had bought me a gift for my birthday. It honestly took me so long to open all cards and gifts that it took quite a while to sink in. I kept going through everything thinking just how bloody lucky I am. I’m going to pick out mostly a few of the jewellery/beauty gifts and share with you what I got on my special day.


It’s safe to say I received a lot of Jewellery as gifts. It would be absolutely impossible to write about each and every one so I’m just going to pick a few of them out! With the amount of Pandora boxes I had I could probably start up my own shop.. watch out Pandora I’m coming for you!

From this bracelet, I received the 21 charm, the Cocktail glass charm (we all know I love a good night out), the sparkly charm(next to the present) and the birthday cupcake charm. I now have a very full bracelet which gives me a great excuse to start on another one! I love having charms from different people to remember memories and I will absolutely treasure these for life. With my Pandora gift cards, I also purchased the really cute chain with love hearts and a jewel on as it means my bracelet can’t fall off if it becomes unlatched, and also bought a second sparkly clasp as I lost one a few months back and I can’t be doing with an uneven Pandora bracelet.. weird I know.

You can probably guess that I’ve got a slight pink & silver theme going on below, and the pink Links of London friendship bracelet is the perfect new addition, how bloody beaut?! This was from my best friend and I absolutely love it! The infinity necklace and earrings are a set I received from a family member and I love the infinity symbol so I fell in love as soon as I saw this set, serious heart eye emoji moment.

I also received a couple of rings too. I already have two rings that I wear religiously so I decided to choose one of them to wear everyday. On special occasions, I can then swap these rings over to whichever goes best. The one I chose for every day is the ring on top which is another sparkling gem from Pandora. Isn’t it just beautiful? I’ve been wearing it for two weeks now and I’m in love!


What I got for my 21st Birthday - Si Perfume

Personalised gifts for me are some of my favourites because I think it makes the gift much more sentimental. When I opened this gift, I was so excited as I hadn’t tried any of the Armani fragrances before. In addition to this, my auntie had also got this engraved for me! I think this is really special as it’s something I can keep forever to remind me of my birthday. The scent of this perfume is just divine, and makes me feel as though I’ve actually got my life together.. ha. 

What I got for my 21st Birthday - Armani Perfume

Oh my good god. If these brushes aren’t just a dream come true then what is?! I’ve been wanting some cute brushes like this for so long but just haven’t found the perfect ones. These are so pretty I’m not even sure I want to cover them in makeup. Does anyone else feel like that when they receive new brushes? These are the perfect girly addition to any dressing table and collection!

From all the guys in Young Farmers, I received a Beauty rooms voucher and an Afternoon Tea voucher for Tom Browns Brasserie. The Afternoon tea is one I’m so excited to use. I’m going to take my mum to this one as it will be nice to spend some time together and the afternoon tea looks amazing.

I’m also so excited to use the Newark Beauty Rooms voucher because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good pamper? There are so many treatments to choose from here, but the first is definitely going to be a back massage! I’ve only had a few massages in the past but every time I have been told I would benefit from having them more frequently. That’s something I’m definitely not about to argue with! I’m also unsure as to whether to go for the Hopi Ear Candling treatment too. I’ve heard it’s really good but sounds so gross? If you’ve had this done before please let me know how it went!

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