Why I’m starting to live the ‘yes’ life

Saying yes to opportunities out of your comfort zone can be quite a big deal for some people. Take me, I’m a funny sod when it comes to new things and I absolutely can’t deny it. I hate change when it’s not me making the change (I know this is ridiculous, no judging my awkward ass please) and I like to stay within my comfort zone a lot. Don’t tell me a plan if it’s likely to change because I will be sad and awkward about it and I’m not likely to forgive you until I’ve had a sulk.

For me, change is what seems to hold me back. I like doing what I’ve always done because I know I like it and I’m comfortable with it. But as they say.. If you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always got. And I got bored of getting what I always got. You have to accept change and risk if you want to strive for better things. Nothing new comes out of doing the same old routines.

I’m very much a person of routine, I like knowing what’s going on and planning things (even though I’m always late to everything, at least I’m always late so it’s predictable..right?) ANYWAYYYY.. I just like routines, and routines are okay until they start to get in the way. When opportunities come your way, you should grab them and make the most of them. Sometimes it will be scary, and sometimes it might not work out. But how will you know if you never try? I would much rather know it didn’t work out than sit and wonder if it ever would.

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Recently, I’ve been starting to live the ‘yes’ life and you know what? It’s bloody fantastic. I’ve been doing so much more with my life, making new friends, seeing new places and planning exciting adventures for the future. All of which my future self would of shouted a big fat no at. I’m happier, having more fun and I’m so glad I started to open myself up to opportunities. Let’s take a look at what I’ve been saying yes to:

  • Joining Young Farmers. I don’t know whether many of you will know anything about YF but basically it’s a organisation that allows 10-26 (some even older) to participate in weekly meetings to improve skills, make friends and even travel the world. As you can probably guess, there is very much an agricultural side to Young Farmers however even with me being a city girl I have been loving it as you learn so much about your local community and meet so many new people. I’ve met some really amazing people though YF every week and we’re even planning on going skiing next January. I’m so glad I decided to say yes to going instead of repeatedly saying no for many years!
  • Being more Independent. Believe it or not there’s actually a time in the (nearer than I’d like) future that I’m actually going to have to move out. SHOCK. Unlike everyone who went off to University after school, little old me stayed at home so I guess I’m a little ‘spoon fed’ as people would like to say. I do pay my rent and all my bills (phone, car etc) so everything is definitely not handed to me on a silver plate, however I’m very fortunate my parents have been able to help me along the way. By saying yes to being more independent, I definitely feel like I’ve been maturing and doing more things on my own has helped me to become more confident.
  • Going to the gym. Ha, this might sounds like an odd one but hear me out. This time last year if you’d have even whispered the word gym to me I’d have run a mile (or walked, as running really aint my thing). The words gym, salad and exercise? They didn’t exist in my vocabulary. What happened then? I put on weight and became the size of a small elephant. Slightly exaggerated perhaps but you get my drift. I refused to believe people when they said going to the gym felt good. I enjoyed exercise a few years ago don’t get me wrong but the gym was nowhere in sight. After finally setting foot in the gym (a memory to be cherished forever) I actually…slightly…maybe…like the gym..just a bit.

These are just a few example’s of how change has helped me and why saying ‘yes’ to more opportunities isn’t actually a bad thing! Do you tend to throw yourself at opportunities or are you a worry goose like me? I’d love to know!

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