My first experience in front of the camera

When I think blogger I think slim, girlboss fashionista who can take all the candid photos for the ‘gram ~without worrying about being the size of a hippo~. I look at photos taken of me and straight away I don’t fit with this stereotype I seem to have made up for myself for what I should be and what I should look like. I know this seems slightly ridiculous but for me my tree trunk thighs and double chin(s) just don’t belong on the ‘gram.

Photos in front of Peggy Porschen

When I think of what I would like my Instagram to look like, I instantly picture a slimmer version of myself on there and so I’ve admittedly put off taking photos, telling myself I’ll start when I’m happy with my weight. I was nervous to get in front of the camera because I worried what people would think of me. If you have read my latest post, you’d have seen I’ve recently started to live the ‘yes life’ and so going out and taking photos was one of those choices. I decided to stop being such a worry-goose and so me and my best friend went out on a mission.

We sat down the night before and made a list of some of the places we wanted to visit and noted some gorgeous locations we had seen in other shoots. My insta theme is full of pink so locations with this colour in were a great option for me. We chose two places to visit and luckily the weather was gorgeous!

Peggy Porschen photos

Every blogger has seen/heard of Peggy Porschen. It’s the cutest pink cafe serving up the most delicious cakes – definitely insta friendly too! We headed here first because everyone loves cupcakes for breakfast.. am I right? As soon as we turned the corner onto Ebury Street, we could see Peggy Porschen as the pink building stood out a mile away. There were a fair few girls stood outside taking photos, a small queue of people waiting to be seated and lots of boyfriends who had clearly been dragged there to take some cute photos.

Photos at Peggy Porschen with cupcake

At first, I was SO nervous to start taking some photos as there were a few people there who would be watching. Jessica reminded me that I will never even see these people again so who cares what they think, and so I started posing with my cupcake. HA! To say I was awkward in front of the camera was an understatement, with Jessica asking ‘are you gonna move’ and me looking back at her with the ‘please help me’ look in my eyes. To my absolute surprise, they actually didn’t turn out quite as bad as I was expecting.

Photos outside Peggy Porschen with Jessica

Shoutout to the girls next to us who offered to take this photo for us. They were also taking photos which made me feel SO much more at ease. Such babes x

14 Trevor Square photos

Isn’t it slightly weird that we take photos of/with peoples houses? Although this house is actual GOALS.. and literally ten footsteps down the road and there’s Harrods right on the doorstep. Dreamy or what! After doing a few laps around the block because there were people around, we finally plucked up the courage to stop and take some pictures. It’s embarrassing how much I can’t take myself seriously as you can probably tell.

Photos in front of pink and white house

I definitely think it helped being with my best friend and someone I knew. I think I’d have been an even bigger bag of awkward had it been someone I didn’t really know as I spent that much time goofing around I almost forgot I wanted to take some nice pictures.

What was your first time like in front of the camera? Did you embrace the awkwardness?

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