A staycation in London

When everything gets too much at home, work or life in general the best thing I find is booking a get away. Whether this is going abroad or staying in the UK for a staycation (the next best thing) it’s always good to just have a few days off. I’m quite fortunate that my best friend lives in London so a small getaway comes pretty easily (and cheap) to me.

To say how far apart we live we do see each other a lot, but it’s so good to just see her and sit down and do nothing. Just have a catch up, chill out and order from uber eats (which is very exciting when you live in the countryside and it’s a full blown mission to get ANYTHING delivered to your house). On this particular staycation, we had the best of both worlds. We chilled, we ate, and we went to explore.

Where I stayed in London

As I’ve mentioned, I stayed with my friend in Fulham. With lots of fab bars, a 5 minute tube journey from Earls Court and 50 minutes from London Kings Cross, it makes for a perfect staycation area. There are so many delicious places to eat and grab food from, with some good shops too! I travelled by train and took my trusty cabin case with me. If you know me, you know I never pack light! I love this suitcase because not only is it so cute, it also fits in SO much stuff. Ideal for someone who packs 13 unnecessary outfits and half of her belongings with her.. If you’re not a light packer like me, this case from the Matalan staycation range is a life saver.

A staycation in London with Matalan staycation range

Backpack = Essential whilst walking around London! You can shop this cute lil croc bag here (psst, It’s only £14!!!)

What we ate

Bought in:

The all important question, what did I eat?! On the first night, we celebrated J’s 21st with a few of her old work friends. J’s mum had purchased loads of food from Cook which was bloody amazing. The lasagne and macaroni cheese was SO yummy I’m drooling over the thought of it! I would 100% recommend picking up some meals from this place if you ever get chance. There are plenty of these located around the UK so if there’s one nearby.. treat yourself!


We also went out to eat in Chinatown because who doesn’t love a good Chinese? Unfortunately, on this occasion the food just wasn’t great (Sorry about the upcoming rant..). The 2 girls I went with had eaten at Lido before and said that it was really tasty so that’s where we decided to head. The starter platter that came out was nice, which we shared between us. For mains, we ordered a couple of dishes but the chicken chow mein had no taste at all. To add to this, the rest of the dishes didn’t really live up to our standards so we didn’t eat much of the main course. Once the waiter came to clear our food, we passed on our disappointment in the meal. The waiter took the cost of the chow mein off our bill and so we started to work out how much we each had to pay.

When we had finally worked it out, I was then told the figure had to be rounded up to end 00 as that was company policy. The waiter was really rude, in fact if I was his boss I would have fired him on the spot. I was then told £9 of our bill was service charge hence we couldn’t work out why we were adding it up wrong (we were told this was standard throughout Chinatown). After a bad meal and rude staff there was no way I was paying £9 service charge and rounding my bill up to 00 for ‘company policy’.

He started to raise his voice, with the next table also getting involved saying they thought we had a good point. He then continued to rant at us, telling us he will ‘give us £2 and we can even take the teapot if that’s what you want’.. Hun, I don’t want your £2 OR your teapot.. I just want to pay my bill and leave. As you can probably tell, from my experience I wouldn’t recommend Lido at all!!

Where we explored

I love London as a city and always like to do the popular ‘touristy things’. I also wanted to take a few shots for the ‘gram this weekend too. First off we headed to Peggy Porschen. Oh my goodness, what a dream?! I’m not going to ramble on too much about this cafe as I’m sure you’ve seen it everywhere. What I will say though is that it is definitely worth the visit. The cupcakes and the hot chocolate are such a yummy treat!

Photos at Peggy Porschen with cupcake - London staycation

We also went to Harrods, which I’d only ever briefly visited before. If the outside of this building isn’t enough to lure you in I don’t know what is! Inside makes you feel like you’re in a dream world. If only I had enough money to buy everything in there! Last we briefly explored Nottinghill where the Portobello market is. Nottinghill was a bit edgy and didn’t really float my boat, but I can imagine why so many people love it there!


Are you going on any staycations soon?

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