The Perfect Summer’s Day

Sunny days in England are very few and far between so it’s a very british trait to make the absolute most of it whenever you can. That paddling pool that’s used 4 times a year? Fill it up. Those crop tops and shorts you haven’t worn in months? Put them on. Not sure what to have for tea? Rush to Tesco’s to buy the last pack of burgers and breadcakes to whack on the bbq.¬†I can’t believe just how damn lucky we are at the moment, and here’s how I like to spend a perfect summer’s day.


It’s no shock that I love music but it’s definitely first on my list when the sun starts to shine. Best believe I have a ‘Summer’ playlist ready for the rare occasions when the sun makes an appearance – doesn’t everyone?! I love when it’s warm outside because it means you can open up the doors in the living room and have music blasting into the garden and what better way to do this than Panasonic Multi Room Speakers? It definitely puts me in a good mood when the house whole is blasting feel good songs!


Let’s all pour ourselves a strawberry daiquiri and pretend we’re in the Maldives, are you in?? All jokes aside, a classic cocktail is an absolute must on a summer’s day. Making cocktails from scratch is admittedly not be forte so I tend to buy pre-made one’s to make the job easier. Pimms is also a favourite when it’s warm, filled with ice and summer fruits.. just¬†give me all the cocktails!

summer's day: strawberry daiquiri

Wake up early

Now, I’m definitely no preacher for early mornings because they really ain’t my thing. However, whenever I lay in on a gorgeous day I kinda get mad at myself for not making better use of the sunshine. After all, it’s not very often we get it! Getting up a little bit earlier, making yourself some yummy breakfast and eating it outside will give your summer’s day the perfect start.


Ooo the all important factor to a good day (or it is for me, anyway!). This one tends to change up a bit depending on the company. If we have people over to join us, it’s most likely going to be a trusty bbq after a very rushed trip around Tesco. When I have people over, I like to cook them Mexican because.. well.. fajitas. And it’s pretty much the only meal I’m any good at (no judging please). Food that you can all dip into from the middle of the table is so much more convenient than plating up multiple meals. It also means people can choose what they want! If I’m hitting the sun solo, it’s most likely something easy like a baguette because as you’ve probably noticed, I’m not a great cook and I’m rather lazy..

What do you do on a summer’s day?

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*This post has been sponsored however all thoughts/reviews are always completely honest.

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