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Earning an income from blogging seems to be such a taboo topic that a lot of people shy away from but the reality is that a LOT of bloggers are now being paid for their work – and so they bloody should be. What seems to be even more unspoken about are bloggers that get paid for their work even when they’re not huge like Zoella. I know, mind blowing right?!

W r o n g. 

Whether you’ve got thousands of followers or a couple of hundred, your content can make a difference. Influencers with a large following often have a lot more people look at their content, however smaller influencers may have a more genuine following with people that are really interested in their blog and their verdicts.

For me, telling people I have a blog is kinda awkward. Don’t get me wrong I’m proud of my blog, and I love my little corner of the web however people questioning me on it gives me a serious case of the heebie-jeebies. If you were to ask me why, I seriously couldn’t tell you. Maybe it’s because you get the classic ‘omg what kind of free things have you been sent’ (insert overdramatic eyeroll here) or maybe it’s the change of tone in their voice when you tell them you actually get paid for it..

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‘You get paid for what?’

Funnily enough, yes, I do get paid for my work and yes.. I do deserve it. Posts take a lot of work, writing up, taking photos, thinking up creative content, the list goes on. Why are people still surprised that content writers get paid for what they do? Whether blogging is a full-time job, a part-time job or just a hobby people should get paid for the work they create. It really is that simple. Unless of course, people choose to stay away from earning an income OR they choose on occasions to work for free because it will create a relationship between them and the brand.

Whatever the reason, you do you. I’m not gonna go into the subject of brands and budgets (we’ll leave that for another day), but earning money from your blog is NORMAL. The sooner we learn that the better. Why should we be frightened to talk about it? Is it because we’re scared people think we’re boasting? Or because people think blogging isn’t a source of income? Maybe it’s because not enough people know about what blogging entails, but we don’t want to feel like we are justifying ourselves?

Whatever the heck it is, we need to stop thinking earning an income from blogging is a taboo subject.

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