Heading in a new direction

  • Oh my gaaaad has it been a while, do I even remember how to blog anymore?

The last time we spoke, I had a month to go until my Cabin Crew training with British Airways started. Im now half way through my course and incompetently living by myself in the big wide city of London. It has been so long since I’ve had the chance to focus on my blog and I have missed it SO much but sometimes life just gets in the way, and currently my career is taking full priority. I have already passed the first week and attained my attestation to fly but I have 15 more days of intense training to pass with BA before I receive my wings. All my time is going in to revising and reading in order to get my wings so pleaaaase bare with me for just a few more weeks!


You may have noticed a few changes to sazsinclair when you clicked on this post. I have rearranged my logo so it now relates to travel as hopefully, I will be blogging about all the exciting destinations I will get to travel to with work. My aim is to incorporate travel posts in with my usual lifestyle and beauty content that I adore writing about, to give you guys lots of different content to be reading.

Yesterday was an exciting day as I received my first two rostered flights that I will be working if I pass my training… GIBRALTAR & SEATTLE!!! I couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw that these could potentially be my first two flights, it made me want to pass training even more having a small taste of what’s to come in the future.

This post is short and sweet but has hopefully given you a little insight as to where I’ve been and what you can look forward to. Hopefully you’re all as excited as I am for more travel related posts on sazsinclair!

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