24 hours in San Diego

My first trip to San Diego was beyond amazing, and luckily our layover works out so that we have a whole day down route to spend however the hell we like. I am of course so incredibly lucky that I have been given the chance to explore this beautiful world as my job. It also opens a whole new world of opportunities for me as I am able to share what to do when you visit these places (when I don’t get caught up in exploring myself and actually remember to document what I do and where we go).

Before we even get on to San Diego, the long haul flight over can be tiring however the views are something else. I generally love going over to America as when we go to the likes of Phoenix and San Diego we usually fly over Greenland which has the most breathtaking views from 38,000ft. When I look out of our doors and see views like this I can’t help but smile.. and feel slightly smug that these are basically my office views. Beats ANY office I’ve ever seen..


We started our day off by taking out some Lime scooters and heading to The Broken Yolk for breakfast. As far as breakfast goes, this is one of the best I have had down route. The menu was HUGE and we were all so spoilt for choice. Acai bowls, all variations of pancakes, full breakfasts.. you name it and they probably do it. The staff here were so… American. They were exactly what you’d imagine breakfast diner staff to be like. Enthusiastic, friendly and really attentive.

Picture taken from Eater as I was too busy eating my smoked applewood bacon and hash browns to remember to take a photo. Im a sh*t blogger ok I know.

Lime scooters were such a fun part of this trip and I loved scooting about everywhere. If you don’t know about LimeBike its an app you download to your phone and pay a small amount to unlock the scooters and you get charged for how long you ride for. At the end of your ride, it tells you how much you have helped the environment by using Lime as a mode of transport. They offer both bikes and scooters around the world, predominately in the US at the moment however are expanding internationally. Lime is available in London too!

The scooters go a lot faster than you expect and are actually very stable, as that was my main worry. They are SO easy to ride, and make getting around San Diego heaps of fun. If you’re heading downtown, I’d definitely recommend downloading Lime (you’ll get a free first ride) and trying it out!

Cycling and kayaking around the harbour

Next we decided to go and hire some bikes from The Bike Revolution in downtown San Diego. The guys here were absolutely fantastic and I couldn’t recommend their services enough. We hired 10 bikes altogether and the team were so good at taking all our details and lining up the bikes for us all to take out. Nothing was too much trouble, and we had the rest of the day to take them back before 5pm when they closed.

The bikes were a great idea and it was around a 25/30 minute cycle to the harbour which is close to the airport. When we arrived, we went to OEX Point Loma so we could hire kayaks to take out onto the harbour. We had 30 minutes in the kayak which was more than enough to go right round the boats and some days you can even see the sea lions that come in to say hello. We mustn’t have looked a friendly bunch as sadly we didn’t get to see any.

Kayaking was so much fun, and some guys even took out paddle boards (the braver of the group). The guy at OEX was great, really talkative and gave us lots of information. You could either choose to take a kayak out by yourself or go in pairs, so whatever you felt comfortable with! OEX provided all our equipment and took us down to the water and helped us all in and out of the kayaks.

Dinner and drinks

After an exhausting day, the only thing that was missing was an ice cold beer. We headed to the busy street of fifth avenue and Barleymash looked like the place to be. It’s an atmospheric sports bar and although I’m not into sports, I thoroughly enjoyed this bar. We landed just in time for happy hour and had a few drinks sat around the bar. If I remember correctly, you do have to be over the age of 21 to go into this bar and they were hot on checking ID’s outside before entering.

One thing I do regret is not eating at Barleymash because the food that was coming out looked so tasty. It looked like stereotypical American food, lots of chicken, loaded fries and a hell of a portion size. Instead of eating where we already were we went to Chipotle to finish off the evening. It was my first time at Chipotle ~no judging~ but my favourite food is Mexican so a huge burrito filled to the brim was nothing to complain about. For how much we paid, the burrito was HUGE and I couldn’t even finish it so had to take it back to the hotel. Poor effort, I know.

Although one day may seem short in the grand scheme of things, as crew you learn to do the best with the time you have and this was definitely a day I will remember for a long time. Before going, numerous people I had spoken to had said that I would love San Diego and boy they were not wrong. I will definitely be bidding to go on this trip again, although I’m slightly hesitant as I’ll be expecting another day as good as this one, which will be pretty hard to top.

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