Man I really don’t like this word. It’s always the one to come out of your parents mouth as you get older and you enter in to the world of responsibility. It’s a trap – don’t do it!!! I’m still so new to the blogging world, so as I’m doing more and more research about diving in to the world of blogging, I’m learning more and more about what needs to be on here, and this disclaimer page sounds important.


Everything written on my blog is thought of and written up by myself. All reviews I make will be my honest opinion of products. The majority of reviews will be items bought with my own money. If there are any sponsored posts/collaborations, or items where I have been sent an item for free or with a discount, this will be clearly noted at the bottom of my blog post. Any collaborations or items sent free of charge for me to try will be written about honestly.


Pleeaaaase don’t copy any of my blogs. Pretty please? I spend a lot of time thinking up idea’s and writing them up etc.. – It’s mine!!! Feel free to share my content, or send me a quick email if you like bits of my posts and we can sort something out. Don’t just copy, copying is for copycats. And nobody wants to be a copycat.


All pictures on this blog will be taken and edited by me unless stated otherwise. If other pictures are used, credits will be given.

PR Samples

I will always be grateful if anybody would like me to receive samples to consider for future posts. If you would like to do so please feel free to email me at sazsinclair@outlook.com. See my contact page for more details.


In the future there may be adverts shown on my blog pages. I will do my best to ensure that these adverts will be related to my readers and their interests.