What’s on my beauty wishlist

Despite me having a make-up haul last week (there will definitely be a post on these items when I’ve tried them all out properly), there are still so many things on my wishlist that I need to get my hands on sooner rather than later. There are so many brands on my beauty wishlist that I am still yet to try I don’t even know where to start when it comes to treating myself.

beauty wishlist - becca highlighter

Becca – Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed – Prismatic Amethyst

Firstly, who doesn’t love a good highlighter? There is nothing better than leaving the house with a glowing face feeling ready to conquer the world. You know those make-up products that you’re actually excited to put on your face and feel like you can take on anything and everything afterwards?? I feel this is one of them. The colour looks absolutely stunning and every review I read of this highlighter makes me want to buy it even more. This is definitely first on my hit list!

beauty wishlist - too faced palette

Too Faced – Natural Love Eye Shadow Collection

 I don’t think there ever becomes a point where you can have too many eye shadow palettes. Or too many Too Faced products for that matter either. The new collection is just absolutely gorgeous but as soon as I saw this palette it really caught my eye. I’m seriously digging the more lighter, pinky tones at the moment so these colours would be perfect, as well as having darker tones for a bolder look. This will definitely have a place on my dressing table.. I’m already excited to purchase this one!


                            L’Oreal – Infallible Total Cover Foundation

Beauty Wishlist - L'Oreal FoundationI don’t really have a particular ‘holy grail’ foundation that I would choose over any others that I own. I have a couple that are my favourites and I absolutely love them for different reasons. I have read so many amazing reviews on this product that I think I would be missing out if I didn’t give this one a try. Although I don’t really suffer with any spots/blemishes, I do have a face full of freckles which I like to get rid of as much as possible. With so many people raving about how good the coverage is, this is definitely one on my list to purchase!

Temple Spa – Purification

Beauty Wishlist - Temple Spa Purification

If you have never heard or tried Temple Spa products then you are seriously missing out. I could rant and rave about this brand for so long but I’d probably bore you all. Although between me and mum we have pretty much every single product Temple Spa does, this is one of my favourites. I don’t tend to suffer with spots/ blemishes and I 100% put it down to this face mask as it leaves my skin feeling amazing. It’s coming to that time of year where me and mum put a massive order in as I’m starting to scrape the last bits at the bottom of the pot.

                               Nars – Radiant Creamy Concealer

Beauty Wishlist - Nars Concealer

I am far from an expert in makeup and until recently I haven’t really bothered about what products I was using on my face. In all honesty, I’ve never really used concealer and I mainly thought it was used to just cover spots (oops) which is why I have never really needed it. Recently I have been tiring myself out so much I feel I need a little something to brighten up my eyes after a late night. After doing some digging and reading more reviews than was probably necessary, I’ve decided I really want to try this concealer. I like the fact it’s in a liquid form and you can build coverage on this too which I think will be fab!


If any of you have tried these products let me know! Are there any items on your beauty wish list?

*Product pictures are those shown on the Brand Websites.


University does NOT define you!
Another Monday has arrived (yawn) and it’s safe to say I woke up veryyy late this morning. Thankfully, I work for my dad so I have a teeny tiny bit of leeway if I happen to be late once or twice. I’ve had such a busy week/weekend and honestly haven’t stopped so I really have exhausted myself out! **Maybe I should take some of my own advice from my previous blog post
Recently, I’ve had lots of questions asking which university I go to…. I don’t go, nor have I ever wanted to go to university – it just never really appealed to me. When I left school 2 years ago, all my friends left to go to different Uni’s and I felt a bit lost. I was forever going here there and everywhere (Leeds, Liverpool, London etc) to visit them and I absolutely loved visiting, but I also loved coming home. When I first left school, I bagged myself an apprenticeship within a really successful business, however I felt college was just like being back in school and didn’t feel I was pushing myself within my job. I decided at Christmas 2015 that I was going to leave the apprenticeship and the job as it wasn’t for me.

If I don’t go to University.. what do I do?

I was already working part-time at the pub in my village but other than that I didn’t have anything so I was so scared I wouldn’t be able to pay for my car etc. I was really lucky when my dad asked me to help in his business a couple of days as he had been so busy and inundated with paperwork he hadn’t had chance to deal with everything. My dad’s business became more and more successful and as I had spent 3 years in a restaurant, I was already such a people person. Slowly I merged in to dealing with customers (some of which were very difficult), working full time (!!!), and taking on extra jobs like designing websites and doing all the business’ marketing. It was something I really enjoyed and was really good at –If I do say so myself- and it just worked so well.
I get a lot of comments such as ‘wow I couldn’t work with my dad you’re doing so well’ but in actual fact we get on so well and always have a laugh so it’s perfect (apart from when he shouts at me for singing 24/7.. who allowed a radio in the office?!). When I mention that I work in a family business a lot of people turn their nose up and think it’s such a cop out job – It’s actually far from it. I work ridiculously hard to maintain relationships with customers, make sure all my jobs are done and keep on top of everything – there is no slacking allowed.. else me and dad would definitely argue!. I work longer hours than a lot of people my age including Saturdays, and it’s also an hour’s drive from home so it’s quite a demanding job.

What do other people think?

I also receive lots of comments such as ‘Oh, you decided against university?’ or ‘You aren’t going to earn as much if you don’t have a degree’.. AGHHH this annoys me so much because this is so far from the truth. Of course, people that go to university work hard to get their degrees and can go on to get some fabulous jobs. Some jobs even require degrees, but this does not mean you can’t do well without them. For example, my dad has no qualifications whatsoever and runs a really successful garage. My mum left University with a law degree, that she got a really good job with but now she has nothing to do with law and is in Childcare with no degree in this area, and is doing even better than she was in law.
Sometimes, it’s who you know and not what you know that can get you really good jobs (as well as having the right attitude towards work). But most of all, it’s about working hard. If you work hard, strive to achieve, you can get anything you put your mind to.
Deciding against University is NOT anything to be ashamed of, nor is it a bad life decision. University does not make you more successful, it does not make you any more of a person and it definitely does not define you. Do more of what makes you happy and go with your heart. Deciding what path you want to go down can be tricky but you will eventually find something you love so boss it every step of the way and reach for the stars.

How to focus on you
The past couple of days have been absolutely hectic – I honestly haven’t stopped. I’ve been trying to cram so much in to my days and there honestly will never be enough hours for everything I would like to get done. There comes a point where you try to do too much and it exhausts you both physically and mentally – at this point it’s time to relax and focus on you for a little while.
It’s so easy to get caught up with so many other people that you’re often left thinking ‘When was the last time I did anything for myself?’ I’ve always been the kind of person to put others before myself and I probably always will be. Of course there is absolutely nothing with that as long as you also find time for yourself. At this point, I start to think about what I can do to focus on myself so I can feel 100% again:Love yourself and focus on you

Don’t spend too much time on social media

Social Media holds a massive part in my life as I’m sure it does with many other people. It has its perks but unfortunately also has its downfalls. I find myself spending so much time seeing how wonderful everybody else’s life is (or the parts they want to share) and comparing, wishing that my life was like theirs. This is literally a big fat no. Just because everyone’s life looks hunky-dory (Typing out this word feels weird) online doesn’t mean there aren’t things happening in the background getting them down too. Life throws hurdles at everybody in different ways and you are definitely not on your own. Don’t spend too much time dwelling on everyone else’s life.. Put your phone down and focus on yourself.
Another thing with social media is that there is always so much drama. There’s so many ‘indirects’ and shade being thrown around 24/7 that you often get caught up in something that doesn’t even have anything to do with you. It’s so easy to be lead in to a situation but these things tend to end up having a negative impact on your life. Keeping yourself to yourself is the best way to go and remember – ‘lowkey is key’!
focus on you

Don’t be afraid to have some ‘you’ time

Run that bubble bath.. Order that pizza and finish that bottle of Prosecco. Being with friends is always a good feeling and leaves you in a good mood afterwards, but there is no denying that a good old pamper will bring those spirits back up. There is nothing better than sitting in a bubble bath with a glass of prosecco, a face mask on watching netflix knowing that a dominos pizza is coming your way. On this night, do more of what makes you happy. Get those old school classics on, get your tanning mitts at the ready and pay some attention to your eyebrows. I can guarantee you that you will wake up in the morning feeling so much better about yourself.

Talk it out

When life gets in the way, there is nothing better than a good old rant about it. Let some steam out and even have a little cry – it honestly does make things better. Whether it’s with family or friends, talking through things often brings to light that problems aren’t as bad as you think they are. It’s also nice to know that you aren’t alone in these situations, there will always be people there for you. A problem shared is a problem halved.
They are definitely my three go-to’s when life gives me too many lemons. Are there any particular things you do when it all just gets too much? 



Makeup Bag Essentials
Don’t get me wrong, I am loving absolutely everything in my makeup collection right now. There are some amazing products out at the moment and there’s so many I can’t wait to get my hands on. However, there are certain items that my makeup bag will never be without and I’ll be telling you a little bit about why I love each product so much!

Makeup Bag Essentials - Benefit highlighter

Girl meets Pearl

This is one of my all time favourite products. I have to start by saying how pretty the packaging is! The colours really stood out to me and are what drew me to the product in the first place. I use this product so many different ways. It’s a really smooth, silky and subtle luminiser and it’s super easy to apply. In the day time, I tend to wear this two ways: First of all if I’m having a day wearing less makeup, I rub a small amount of this into my skin (I find using my fingers applies better than a brush) and it really makes my skin glow. If I do wear foundation, I use a twist of this and dab onto my cheek bones which adds a really pretty, subtle highlight to my cheeks which is perfect for an everyday look. This product is also a must for my going out makeup. I add this to a foundation which gives me a dewier look and works really well with my foundation and is so smoothly applied. After my powder I again add to my cheeks for an extra glow and it does last a long time which I am super impressed with. As you can probably tell I super love this product and it will always have a place in my makeup bag!
Makeup Bag Essentials - ABH Dipbrow

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

I really can’t give this product enough praise! I have used a lot of eyebrow products in the last couple of months and this is by far my favourite. This product is  so easy to use and create a few different looks with. My brows actually aren’t a bad shape naturally but I find they are quite sparse. During the day, I use just a tiny amount of this product and use the brush really lightly which gives me quite a natural look. When I want heavier, more obvious filled in brows all I have to do is use more of the product and use a heavier hand. I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Angled Cut Brow Brush which is really good for applying. I never have to worry about ‘smudging’ my eyebrows and they always last all day which is such a bonus! I’ve had this product for a few months now and I’ve barely even touched the surface even though I use it so much, so I feel this is such a good amount of product for the price!
Makeup Bag Essentials - Rimmel primer

Rimmel Match Perfection Fix & Perfect Pro Primer Shade 2

I have tried SO many primers and I could never find one that really suited my skin and sat well with my foundation. I started to regularly use the MAC Prep & Prime but it seemed to only work well with MAC foundations. My foundation applied flawlessly and I was pleasantly surprised at how long it held my makeup on for. It works even better with a setting spray on top and I can go all day without feeling the need to top up which is a great feeling. What’s even better about this product is the price! I think it’s an absolute steal at only £6.99!
Makeup Bag Essentials - Too Faced Lip gloss

Too Faced ‘Lip Injection Power Plumping’ lip gloss

My best friend bought me this for christmas and I absolutely love it. I tend not to wear it during the day as it’s really glossy however if I’m going out for a meal it’s always in my handbag to apply afterwards and also works a treat on top of lipstick too! I have naturally thin lips so this plumps them up to a normal size. They don’t go too big and definitely don’t look fake so it’s a winner all round. I have the clear glossy version however it is out in some absolutely gorgeous colours that I will definitely be looking in to purchasing sooner rather than later! I’ve found with a couple of lip plumping glosses that they tend to sting your lips but I have never experienced any tingling with this gloss.


So they’re my four main essentials to my makeup bag at the minute! I loved writing this post as it’s reminded me just how much I love each and every product. Are there any products your makeup bag will never live without?! Let me know in the comments!
*Product pictures are those shown on the Brand Websites.

 As many of you may have seen on my Instagram, In January I spent a long weekend in Venice with my best friend. For the amount of money I spent on those 3 days, I could have had a really luxurious 7 day holiday somewhere really hot all inclusive (sad face), but this get away was such an adventure, and a beautiful one at that.

Day 1

We pretty much knew when we arrived in Venice that it was going to be more expensive than we originally thought. After half an hour of worrying about it in the hotel, we decided that even if we had to get some more euro’s, we were going to do everything that we wanted to so as we probably aren’t going to visit again (this city is literally nearly underwater – the water level is so close to people’s door steps and that train that takes you in to Venice is only a couple of inches above sea level!!). With this is mind, we set off to Venice. The train station to St. Mark’s square was around a 45 minute walk.
We went in very little shops this day as we knew we would be coming back tomorrow and so set off to see St. Mark’s square. This was supposed to be THE part of Venice to see so we were quite excited. When we got there, it was literally just a square.. and I mean just a square. I didn’t even take any photos of the actual square because for all anybody else knows, I could have been in the centre of London. Around the square were some absolutely amazing architecture, the buildings in Venice were all so old but beautiful. It was very picturesque – every ‘instagrammers’ dream!
Venice Architecture

Masks in Venice

Whilst walking around we noticed that quite a lot of the shops were selling masks, there were even shops selling only masks and we weren’t really sure why. Once we found a nice restaurant to eat in, we googled masks in Venice and it was all to do with old traditions. They were worn for two reasons: one being for the Carnival of Venice, and the other was to hide identity and social status. My friend did purchase a gorgeous mask as I am having a masquerade ball for my 21st next year, however I didn’t find the perfect one so I decided to buy a little key ring with a blue mask on.

Day 2

On the second day we did exactly the same route but went in all the lovely little shops. They really were amazing and so different each and every one of them. My friend spotted a chocolate shop and when we went in we were absolutely amazed. Not only was this shop selling amazing chocolate, it was also linked to a huge shopping mall (which you would never even have known was there if you didn’t enter). I literally could not believe my eyes. The escalators were red as if you were going up and down the red carpet and the design was so grand. I felt like a millionaire as I walked through, there were 4 floors and all full of amazing designer shops.

We were told whilst we were in the chocolate shop that on the top of this shopping mall we would find the best view in Venice. There was a rooftop area which you had to grab a ticket for (free!) and come back at a designated time as it was so busy. We managed to get a time slot for later on in the day so we decided to go on one of the famous gondolas to pass some time. the view really was phenomenal. You could see all of Venice from up there and it was so pretty. We went just as it was turning dark so we were a little annoyed but we still got some amazing pictures!

Gondola in Venice

Would I recommend the Gondala ride?

This was probably the funniest part of the trip as sailing down the grand canal and through all the little alleyways, we were singing ‘Just one Cornetto, Give it to me’ in opera voices at the top of our lungs.. the locals found it highly amusing as did the person taking us round on the Gondola. It was an absolutely amazing way to see Venice and I can see why these are so popular. You can really see the beauty within the city and all the little alleyways are all water based so you get to pass people’s houses and the architecture is just wonderful. Although pricey, I would definitely recommend going on one of these, you also get to see just how high up the water its to people’s houses!
Rooftop Views of Venice

Day 3

I’m quite aware that I’m starting to ramble now but hopefully you haven’t lost interest! I’ll keep day 3 short and sweet. It was one of the best days even though it was our last. We decided to buy a water taxi pass for the day and we spent the day whizzing up and down the grand canal. Admittedly, we were just being lazy as our feet were starting to hurt from doing so much walking the previous day. We managed to get loads of fantastic pictures from the boat and stopped off for lunch down a little alleyway where we took some pictures!
Venice water
I’m sure there will be more pictures posted on my Instagram of Venice as there’s many to choose from. If you’ve ever visited Venice let me know what you’re favourite part was in the comments or even if you’re wanting to go to Venice, let me know what you’re wanting to see. If you have any questions please feel free to ask!