Bank Holiday Plans

Not sure about you guys but I love a good bank holiday break – who doesn’t?! Don’t get me wrong I love my job but all my best friends are back from uni (which I obviously don’t get to see in the day) and this weekend one of my best friends is also coming all the way from London too so I am super excited about getting to spend some time with them all! Dad has been kind enough to give us the full four days off – hallelujah – so this is how I’m going to be spending them:


– First thing’s first, post office. My Ariana Grande tickets tried to be delivered today and nobody was in to collect them so I need to go pick them up for the post office. They were supposed to arrive yesterday so boo you royal mail!!

– Pick my friend up from the train station. As I mentioned earlier she’s coming all the way from London to spend back holiday with me. Is she the best or is she the best? She’s the best. We’re going for some lunch at possibly Thaymar’s which is a really cute little cafe known for it’s amazing ice cream. I’m sort of praying it’s really good weather so I can eat my body weight in coconut ice cream without anybody giving me weird looks because it’s freezing cold (which is usually the case).

– Last of all is a good old spoons social. You’ve probably guessed by the name that this is Wetherspoon’s. I’m not actually that keen on Wetherspoon’s (hoping the spoons social crew don’t see this or I’ll probably get uninvited), but when it comes to cheap drinks and a whole bunch of you playing Gentlemen Spoofers, I can make an acception. For all of you wondering what Gentlemen Spoofers is, I really can’t tell you – that would get me in serious trouble!


– Hopefully I will feel as fresh as a daisy when I wake up as it’s my mum’s opening day for her new nursery from 9-3. And yep, you’ve guessed it.. there’s going to be lots of screaming kids on bouncy castle’s which is not ideal if I end up with a hangover. After endless months of hard work, I am so excited to show everyone what my mum has managed to achieve, renovating an old, derelict village hall in to the most amazing nursery you will ever see. My mum is actually the most fabulous, determined woman ever and deserves all the success in the world.

– After finishing at the nursery I’m sure there’ll be an enormous amount of Prosecco on tap to celebrate. We have family and friends travelling a long way to join us, which will be amazing. This starts the beginning of my night, where quite a few of us are going to Lincoln to start the Bank Holiday off the right way!


– Again, here I am praying I wake up with a clear head again. Usually a good pizza and a pint of water does me a world of good but you can never be too sure. Today is beach day. We’ve had some absolutely glorious weather recently (touch wood) so hopefully the weather will be kind to us! We’ve got a couple of options, I think Whitby is top of our choice so far – hoping it’s as glorious as The Maldives.. A girl can dream..

The Maldives Bank Holiday Plans

– Another Bank Holiday Sunday. Another night out in Lincoln. Yes you heard correct, three nights out in a row, goodbye positive bank balance!! There’s not much more to say about this, other than I’m looking forward to the 3 hour getting ready session, lots of jager bombs and a bbq chicken pizza at the end of the night!!


– Rest day. A full day of doing absolutely nothing. I think we all know I’m going to need this whole day to recover from these antics. I’ll probably spend the day watching Netflix with a pizza crying about all the stupid things I said on my nights out. Hey ho, that’s what being 20 is all about right?

What are your plans this weekend? Hope you all have the bank holiday you deserve!


S x


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