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April Favourites

Hola lovelies! Today I thought I’d share with you just what I’ve being loving this month. I love reading about what people’s favourites are so I thought I’d share mine with you. I think there will be a little bit of everything in here from beauty to music as there are so many things I have been digging recently. Here goes..

April Favourites - St. Moriz Tan1) St. Moriz tan. As a very very naturally pale girl, there is just something about having a good tan on and actually being a normal colour for once. I’m always skeptical about trying a new tanning product as I don’t want it to look really fake, I prefer a more natural looking tan which this product is perfect for! The one I use is the St. Moriz Fast Tanning Mousse. I love this because you have control over how dark you want to be by leaving on for either 1,2 or 3 hours. The first time I used this I went for one hour to see what kind of colour. After rinsing in the shower you could tell that I had a slight glow but it wasn’t as dark as I wanted to be. The following day I left on for 3 hours and was left with the most gorgeous, natural looking, NO STREAK tan that I was so so impressed with. I would say the only con about this product is having to wait to wash it off however some of the other products in the range don’t require this process.  Definitely a must have over the summer months to keep a natural looking glow!

April Favourites - Jack Savoretti

2) Okay so, not only is this man one of the best looking people I’ve ever laid eyes on, his voice is just oh my god. I am definitely loving Jack Savoretti’s music right now, he reminds me a lot of Paolo Nutini who is one of my all time favourites. His voice is kind of soothing/husky I can’t even explain you just need to listen to him! I have playlists for everything – and I mean everything – so his voice sits perfectly alongside the likes of Paolo/ Ben Howard in my chill album. His whole album ‘Sleep No More’ is just amazing. You guys should totally check him out, It baffles me that most people have never even heard of him. I mean hey, who doesn’t love an Italian man with an amazing voice?!

April Favourites - L'Oreal Foundation

3) If you’re a blogger and you haven’t heard of this foundation, where on earth have you been for the past few months?! This product has got to be one of the most spoken about foundation’s in a while – everywhere I look there’s another review. If you saw my makeup wishlist you’d know that I’ve been wanting to try this foundation out for a while now. In all honesty, I’ve never really been a fan of L’Oreal foundations so I was slightly skeptical however the reviews had mostly been amazing so I’d have been a fool to not give this a try. The end result is – I absolutely love it!!! I find it hard to find a full coverage foundation to cover my freckles that doesn’t leave me feeling like I have a full tin of paint sitting on my face (Because I totally know what that feels like…). I was really happy with the feel/coverage of this foundation and found it was super easy to blend in to my face. I didn’t struggle to find a matching colour and the price isn’t anything to moan about either! I think this is what you would call a win/win situation. I have a full review on this product here!

April Favourites - TIGI

4) Okay so, I don’t know about anybody else but I have to switch my hair products up every couple of months in order to keep my hair feeling amazing. I’m not sure exactly what it is, I pretty much swap between 3 brands so it’s not as if I discover a life changing product but I find when I change around my hair feels sooo good – I think it just has a mind of it’s own and gets bored of the same old. Atm, I’m loving TIGI Bed Head it leaves my hair super silky and so shiny. A lot of shampoo’s completely dry my hair out which I hate so trying new shampoo’s etc is such a big deal for me (drama queen). This duo I can always rely on, especially since I have such long thick hair a good shampoo and conditioner is mandatory!!

So they’re my April Favourite’s at the moment. What are you loving?


S x


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