Urban Decay – Heat Palette review

I would be lying if I didn’t say that this palette caused me a lot of stress and grief trying to purchase it- but you’ll be happy to hear that it was definitely worth it!! I wanted to write this post after I’d had chance to try all the colours out so I could give you all an honest opinion. My first views on this palette were that the shades were very different to the other Urban Decay palettes and I was glad that they had gone for a more dramatic change rather than a subtly similar palette. I knew that I would love experimenting with this palette and although the colours are quite autumny, I will definitely be using this palette all year long!

Urban Decay - Heat Palette review full picture

First thoughts

There was a lot of speculation about this palette as the first swatches made their way around social media, which was that the pigment did not meet everybody’s expectations. I can 100% say that the pigment of these shades did not disappoint, especially on the more glittery colours as a little bit absolutely pops on your eyes. I’ve also seen a lot of comments that people would have loved to see a gold in this palette.. A gold is not needed!! I tried to test out some of these colours with a gold eyeshadow over and it really didn’t suit. The colours in this palette are so cleverly put together which makes it easy to experiment with each and every shade.

Urban Decay - Heat Palette review with packaging

Favourite looks

Okay so, after trying out all the colours there were two looks that really stood out for me. I always start with a neutral base so ‘Sauced’ is my go to base colour in this palette. It’s just a tiny bit lighter than my skin colour when I’ve applied tan so I darken slightly with ‘Low Blow’ which adds just a little bit more depth to my eye area.

For my first look, I very lightly use the ‘He Devil’ on the crease and blend in towards the eye, then take ‘Lumbre’ all over the eyelid. This look is perfect for everyday as it doesn’t look like you’ve spent ages on your eye makeup, but does have a hint of sparkle and is a really subtle look.

The look that I’ve used on my nights out and for evening looks, is possibly one that will stay with me for a while as it’s just a perfect shade that brightens up the eye. Again starting with my bases, I then go on to blend ‘En Fuego’ into the crease of the eye, I usually go over this twice to really deepen the colour and blend it upwards. On my eyelid, I use ‘Dirty Talk’ which is by far the best colour of the palette, (in fact, probably my favourite shade from Urban Decay ever!). I also add ‘Dirty Talk’ under my eye to further the colour which really makes my eye makeup stand out.

Urban Decay - Heat Palette review closed

In short, buy this palette when it releases at the end of July.. I promise you won’t regret it!

Did you manage to get this palette? Let me know your favourite colour!

Loving yaaa,

S x

Heat Palette
Urban Decay Palette

Top 3 Upcoming Artists


Upcoming Artists - Hunter And The Bear

If you don’t already know, I absolutely love music and everything about it. I spend the majority of my life at concerts (and a few festivals) and I wouldn’t have it any other way. One part of music that I LOVE is when you find smaller artists that are going to be the next big thing. You know, when you start watching The Vamps cover songs on youtube and the next minute you’re watching them reach Platinum in the middle of tour. That kind of feeling is the best.  Here’s my top 3 that I suspect you’ll be hearing a lot more of soon!


Sabrina Carpenter.

I honestly have no idea how I had never heard of this girl. Sabrina supported The Vamps on their recent tour and after hearing her for the first time, I went straight to apple music to download every song she’d ever written. Best. Decision. Ever. The songs are so catchy, with her also showing a country side to her voice in earlier albums. Her voice is absolutely incredible and she really put on a fabulous performance, for me Sabrina has the whole package. Her recent single ‘Thumbs’ gets me excited whenever I hear that opening beat, which is a definite sign of a good song! If you’re wondering where you’ve seen her / her name, she originally started off on Disney!          – @SabrinaAnnLynn

Hunter And The Bear.

So these guys have been around for quite a while and finish their UK tour today in Leeds. They’re hitting the music industry by themselves choosing not to affiliate with a record label, which is pretty incredible to say how many followers they have! These have only been known to me for around a week however they have already creeped in to a couple of my playlists. The album ‘Paper Heart’ was released last month and is showing to be a success, there’s a lot of amazing tracks on there! The Huff Post described them as ‘The Heroes British Rock Needs Right Now’ which I completely agree with, I find their music really easy to listen to and I would really like to see them live. I think these are definitely a band to watch out for!!          – @HunterTheBear

Conor Maynard.

Okay most of you will probably have heard of Conor, however he is my absolute favourite and I think he has so much more to give to the music industry. He started out releasing music and had a couple of singles, however now covers songs that go viral all over the internet – especially the ones where he teams up with another artist to sing lots of songs over one instrumental. To me, his voice is just incredible and you can tell he loves what he does so much. I’ve seen him live quite a couple of times and he definitely does not disappoint!          – @ConorMaynard
You should definitely go and check these out and let me know what you think. Are there any artists you could recommend me listening to?
Lots of love,
S x



L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation Review

I think it’s safe to say us girls are always on the hunt for a new holy grail foundation. I can’t even recall how many I have tried in the past, but long story cut shorts, it’s a lot. The blogosphere is a great place to find new items to try, especially makeup as there are so many beauty bloggers giving us reviews left, right and centre. It’s both a blessing and a cure. On the bright side, you end up with a lush, unbeatable makeup bag BUT.. your debit card will inevitably hate you. 

L'Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation Review - image

The L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation has been one of the most spoken about foundations in a while, and one I’ve wanted for a few months (as you’d have seen on my beauty wishlist!). If you haven’t yet heard of this product, please come out from under that rock you’ve been hiding under, as it’s a serious game changer. I’ve always been slightly skeptical about drugstore foundations purely because it’s all I used to wear when I was younger, and those days of patchy, orange foundation doubled up with dream matte mousse are not days I would like to relive. When I saw the reviews on this product, I decided that splashing out £9.99 -bargain- wouldn’t be the end of the earth if I ended up hating it.

Infallible foundation flatlay

I’m very much a fan of full coverage foundations. I don’t particularly suffer with spots or blemishes however I do have a face full of freckles, that I like to cover up as much as possible. (I know all you non-freckled people love freckles, but trust me they are not great when you can’t just wipe them off with the rest of your makeup!!). The Infallible foundation is amazing for this, using a minimal amount has perfect coverage and I found it blended into my skin perfectly. I find the foundation has a really creamy formula, which made it super easy to apply with both a brush and a beauty blender, although I found the beauty blender application left the foundation looking better on my face than applying with a brush.

The drama of a foundation feeling too thick is usually the case when you prefer more coverage, but I don’t find this at all. You are able to build up this foundation without it feeling too ‘cakey’ which is great for when you want a heavier look for an event rather than everyday! Personally, I use this over Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer, which works really well as the primer isn’t oily, however I haven’t tried this foundation without primer so I couldn’t say whether it would sit as well. The foundation doesn’t cling to all your dry spots and doesn’t become patchy during the day, which is one of my biggest pet hates with foundations!

Infallible Foundation

And the best part.. you may ask? Well, at the end of a long hard day in the office… I don’t come home absolutely horrified wondering if my foundation has really looked that bad all day. I’m not saying it looks exactly how I left it at 07:30, but it does last a full day without me turning into Shrek, hallelujah. As well as this, using setting spray to finish off allows me to party all night with my makeup still staying in place, what more could a girl ask for??

Let me know your holy grail foundations, and whether you’ve ever tried this one or not!

Blogging Tips: What I’ve Learnt

All it takes to be a blogger is an Iphone, a few primark t-shirts and a co-operative boyfriend right?? Lol. If only..

Since starting this little blog three months ago, I can’t believe how much I have learnt in such a short amount of time. There is definitely a misunderstood aura around blogging as a lot of people who don’t do it, have no idea what we do in order to keep our blog and social media growing. Before starting, I honestly had no idea how time consuming blogging would be although I do actually love that I spend so much time on it. It really takes my mind off things and allows me to escape into a whole other world. Don’t get me wrong, I am a small time blogger who still has an awful lot to learn, but here’s what I’ve picked up so far..

Interaction with other bloggers is crucial

If you’re not going to spend time speaking and promoting other bloggers, step away now! I can’t believe how many lovely people are out there in the blogging community. Since day 1, everybody has been so welcoming but it’s important to spread the love back too. Take the time to reply to people’s tweets, retweet their new posts and you shall get the same back in return. You are likely to find so many other bloggers with similar interests to you which will make things so much more enjoyable! This also relates to the instagram platform too. I find it really beneficial to go through hashtags and like other people’s photos as they usually return the like and sometimes even follow. The more time you put into interaction on social media, the more you get out of it!

Keep active on your social media

There are so many social media platforms out there to utilise for your blog. Personally, I use Instagram and Twitter which I find the most effective. I would love to try Pinterest but I have no idea how that works, and I feel my blog is far too small to move to Facebook just yet. It’s important to keep active so that your followers always have you in sight to keep a steady count of followers. If you stop posting for a period of time, followers may become bored or think the account is no longer in use so may unfollow.

Blogger chats are your best friend!

Honestly, I look forward to blogger chats all day. There are so, so many and if you ask around there are multiple timetables bloggers have created (you angels) where you can see each chat that is happening every night. Some of my favourites include @thebloggers_hub chat and @GRLPOWRCHAT. These are chats hosted by a particular twitter handle, where you can engage with other followers and you have a certain amount of questions within the hour. It’s a really great way to meet new bloggers and it’s super fun to participate in. I have each chat logged in my phone calender, which reminds me every night which chat is live so I can join in when I’m available!

Join an Instagram Pod

Instagram Pods are groups of 15 people where you let the group know everytime you post, and they like/comment on your photos. Comments are important as Instagram rate comments highly and those with the most amount of comments are likely to be shown higher up in your follower’s timeline. I’m sure you’re all aware of the dreaded instagram algorithm (grrr, don’t even get me started). If you’re in a couple of these like me, you have to be consistent and make sure you are keeping up, however it’s a great way to beat the algorithm, and you are able to like and support other bloggers who support you, and find accounts you love! I have met so many lovely people through Insta pods and it has really boosted my engagement! (Read a more detailed explanation of Instagram Pods here)

Be yourself

It’s important to write because you want to, and not because you feel that you have to. Write whatever YOU want to write, this is your little corner of the blog and nobody else’s. You shouldn’t have to feel that you have to write a certain type of post on a certain topic, if it’s not you then don’t try to pretend, because it will show. On here, I write about literally anything and everything that comes into my head, and that’s the way I like it because I don’t feel any pressure to write a specific type of post that I don’t feel passionate about. On social media, be as normal as possible and really let your personality shine through. That’s what your followers want, to see more of you on your blog!

What are the top things you’ve picked up from blogging?
S x