A blogging break

It seems like a lifetime since I last posted.. life seems to have just got in the way the past few weeks. I’m actually a little bit annoyed as if you didn’t see in my August Goals post, my aim was to be posting twice a week on the regular. I didn’t even make the first week – damn. I have although, achieved 2,000 (two whole thousand) followers on twitter, I’ve been actively eating breakfast and I’m halfway through my third book, so I guess you could say I’m not doing too bad.


Over the past two weeks whilst I haven’t being posting, I’ve also been a little quiet on social media. After being seemingly shadow-banned (Insta, I still hate you), I decided to give myself a break from the blogging world whilst I took two weeks out to spend time with some friends. I went abroad for a week which was amazing, and then spent this week at home with friends doing things I never get to do now I work full time. It was exactly what I needed. Everyday I found myself wondering what was going on in the blogging world, I found myself thinking up new posts and the idea of returning back to blogging was pretty exciting.


Today I seem to have found my motivation again and have edited/scheduled a couple of blog posts. I know this is a super short post but I thought I’d update you on why I’ve been a bit quiet lately, and that I’m definitely going to be back bigger and better starting from today.

Have you ever taken a break from blogging? Let me know how it went!


S x

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