SPECTRUM X MEAN GIRLS: First Impressions

On Wednesdays, we blog about how aesthetically pleasing the new Spectrum x Mean Girls collaboration is. Whether you’re a fan of Mean Girls, a fan of gorgeous brushes or simply a fan of the best quotes in the world, you’re gonna fall in love with this set. Not only are these brushes the most perfect things I’ve laid eyes on, Spectrum are also a brand that DON’T test on animals (plus, no Unicorns are harmed either) so this purchase is just a win, win all round.


I’ve had my eye on Spectrum Brushes for a few months now so when this launch was announced I was super excited. I couldn’t give myself a reason why not to buy this set, so I pretty much convinced myself this would be a good purchase. – From a girl’s perspective, these are dangerous thoughts to have. Especially for the bank account.


What do they look like?

Of the 10 piece set, each brush has a different mean girls quote engraved on them. How bloody exciting. The colour of this set is just phenomenal, and really stands out against other brushes I have previously purchased. The quality of these brushes is also not to be questioned, with the brush ends being so ridiculously soft it feels like a dream.


All in all I’m very excited to properly play around with these brushes and see how good they really are. I know the point of having makeup brushes is to apply makeup,  but I’m slightly sad that I have to get makeup on those perfect little pink brush ends. Sigh. I’m sure you’ll see a lot more of these as they really are so pretty to look at, so keep an eye over on my Instagram!

Have you tried any of the Spectrum Collections? Let me know your holy grail brushes in the comments below!

Saz Sinclair

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Favourite Bloggers

It’s not a surprise when I say there are so many bloody amazing bloggers out there, creating top notch posts for us all to indulge in to. I’m not sure about you, but as soon as I find a blog I love there’s absolutely no going back, I’m totally hooked. There’s a few recently that I just can not for the life of me keep my eyes off, and I thought I would grace you with their presence (or online presence, whatever you wanna call it) cause ya know, spreading positivity is what it’s all about am I right??


First of all, I want you all to go appreciate the lovely Sharna’s blog because this girl’s site is just amazing, paired with an absolute dreamy Instagram account. Sharna writes the most beautiful product reviews, enough to make anyone want to throw money at whatever she recommends (and I mean it, say good bye to that positive bank balance!). In all seriousness though, Sharna’s blog always makes me feel super girly, and you can never just read one post at a time! It’s mainly filled with beauty and lifestyle posts, which always make my heart feel very happy. You go glen coco♥


Next up is beauty queen and my favourite social media-er (this sounded so much more normal in my head but I’m gonna go with it anyway) Beth Louise.  Let me start with how absolutely hilarious she is over on her Instagram stories, whenever I see a little circle with Beth’s picture on, I get in my ~dressing gown~ and grab a cup of tea because you’re usually in for a long story that you can’t stop watching. Beth is so down to earth, and this completely reflects on both her blog and her social media. This girl has some great posts with tips in regards to blogging, which are really useful to learn!


Last but definitely not least is Lauren – who’s insta everybody dreams of having. I’m not even kidding, once you see her Insta for yourself you’ll be off buying heart shaped bowls and making delicious cupcakes in no time. You can see the time and effort Lauren puts in to all her photos and how much passion she has for taking them. I love the way Lauren writes her posts, it always draws me in to read more and her layout is just divine. I’d definitely recommend you have a scroll of her blog/insta, although I most certainly can’t promise you’ll spend -all day- peeking.. it really is that good.

I love finding new people to follow and hope you love these beauts just as much as I do. If you have any bloggers you just can’t get enough of – please let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to check them out!

See yas,

S x



Confessions of stubborn teenager

Me? Stubborn? Confessing I’m stubborn?! Who’d have thought we’d have seen this day. It all started at the beginning of August, ya know when the time comes and it’s time to set those monthly goals to reach, or in my case.. not to reach. I decided in my August Goals that I was going to try and post more regularly on my blog, which seemed pretty reasonable for a girl who lives her life by lists and routines. I don’t have a scooby-doo what happened, but posting regularly definitely didn’t happen. In fact, I probably posted less posts last month than I have in previous months which is highly frustrating.

Every time a new week came around, I was pressuring myself to make sure blog posts were written up and scheduled, which came around to bite me on the arse because I just could not force myself to write. I had no ideas, zilch, zero. Every post I wrote felt rushed, and I wasn’t happy with any of the content I was producing.

Believe to Achieve

I usually love making goals for myself, lists to complete, so I thought I would absolutely bomb my August goals but I didn’t. Somehow, it just didn’t work having a routine for my blog and after a few weeks of worrying what on earth has happened, I decided to stop being so stubborn. GASP. You heard, I’m no longer putting myself through endless hours of staring at a blank page, just so I can achieve my goal. It was painful. And boring. Man, being so stubborn can be such an inconvenience.

I feel like there’s so much pressure to post regularly because lots of successful bloggers have set days they post, but it’s important to remember that lots also don’t. If it works for you, then that’s great as it allows consistency for your blog, although it is definitely not the end of the world if it doesn’t work for you. I’ll be posting whenever I have a post ready (It’s always my aim to have at least 1 a week) and I’m the absolute worst at scheduling posts because as soon as my post is ready, there’s no way it’s sitting in my drafts for the next few week. Nah-ah.

Until next time,

S x