Confessions of stubborn teenager

Me? Stubborn? Confessing I’m stubborn?! Who’d have thought we’d have seen this day. It all started at the beginning of August, ya know when the time comes and it’s time to set those monthly goals to reach, or in my case.. not to reach. I decided in my August Goals that I was going to try and post more regularly on my blog, which seemed pretty reasonable for a girl who lives her life by lists and routines. I don’t have a scooby-doo what happened, but posting regularly definitely didn’t happen. In fact, I probably posted less posts last month than I have in previous months which is highly frustrating.

Every time a new week came around, I was pressuring myself to make sure blog posts were written up and scheduled, which came around to bite me on the arse because I just could not force myself to write. I had no ideas, zilch, zero. Every post I wrote felt rushed, and I wasn’t happy with any of the content I was producing.

Believe to Achieve

I usually love making goals for myself, lists to complete, so I thought I would absolutely bomb my August goals but I didn’t. Somehow, it just didn’t work having a routine for my blog and after a few weeks of worrying what on earth has happened, I decided to stop being so stubborn. GASP. You heard, I’m no longer putting myself through endless hours of staring at a blank page, just so I can achieve my goal. It was painful. And boring. Man, being so stubborn can be such an inconvenience.

I feel like there’s so much pressure to post regularly because lots of successful bloggers have set days they post, but it’s important to remember that lots also don’t. If it works for you, then that’s great as it allows consistency for your blog, although it is definitely not the end of the world if it doesn’t work for you. I’ll be posting whenever I have a post ready (It’s always my aim to have at least 1 a week) and I’m the absolute worst at scheduling posts because as soon as my post is ready, there’s no way it’s sitting in my drafts for the next few week. Nah-ah.

Until next time,

S x

28 thoughts on “Confessions of stubborn teenager

  1. Fab post! Sometimes, the more you try and think of ideas and get something written down, the harder it is. That’s when you should take a step back, do something else and let the ideas come naturally (: im the same as you – I live by lists and to-do lists and goals. I challenged myself to a day of no to-do list last month too and it went really well! Although I much prefer having one 😉 xx


  2. i’ve never been able to stick to a routine for my blog either so, girl, quit yo worrying! for some people, it really works and gives them a great routine. but my blog is a photography blog first and foremost, so the photographs always come first and i have forcing them. meaning i only ever blog when i have photos to share, hence why a routine would never work for me!

    you just gottta find what works for you!

    katie. xx


  3. I am trying my DAMN hardest to stick to a schedule, but saying that I haven’t bothered scheduling anything for tomorrow! Sometimes life just gets in the way so it’s best not to stress over it or force yourself

    Alice | Dainty Alice

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  4. Eugh sitting trying to force yourself to write is the worst! I post twice a week on Mondays and thursdays but sometimes it’s so hard to get a post ready when you’re under pressure! Good on you for just posting when you want; I was I did that!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

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  5. Ah I relate to this SO much!! This is a constant battle I have – trying to post regularly but also running out of ideas and then feeling guilty for not sticking to my blogging schedule! Now I just try and go with the flow and blog without pressure – it takes the fun out of it! x

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  6. I can really relate to this post as I’ve been posting less regularly recently as life has taken over and kept me busy so I’ve missed out on soo many blogger chats and days to post! But I totally agree with you, have to do what works best for yourself and stop comparing yourself to other bloggers. Thanks for sharing xo Rumaanah

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  7. I can definitely relate. I launched in May and am trying to get into a routine but sometimes work and my personal life just take a toll and I rest instead of blog. I’m glad you’re giving yourself a break! While blogging is amazing, unless it’s your full time job, I tend to think you shouldn’t let it add stress to your life cause it’s supposed to be fun 🙂

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  8. Oh I’m so stubborn too haha, it’s actually a joke! I’ve been away from blogging for 8 months and recently just come back (finding social media and such so difficult to keep up with). I became addicted to posting, keeping up to date with twitter and promoting, I had all these expectations and goals and that led me to going for 8 months as I just wasn’t happy with my blog or content. I’m back now, And I’ve decided to just publish when I want and what I want, and not spend my whole day on twitter, I like to write and create content for me, and for anyone else that likes it than that’s a bonus! X
    Becky Shannon xx – Life-by-Becky

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  9. I am exactly the same – I am so stubborn and it makes me get so frustrated when I don’t do something I said I would. Putting down the blank piece of paper must have felt good after a while? Have you ever tried to write a paragraph about something and it never sounds right then gave it half an hour then came back to it with a beautiful words and phrases in your head. I am sure that, after giving yourself some time off, you will come back to blogging refreshed and ready to write about everything with billions of amazing ideas. Lovely post hun, you are a lovely writer x

    Claire |

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