The “Oh Sh*t’s” of the Customer Service World

Customer service based jobs can be a difficult yet very rewarding task. If you’ve ever worked in a customer service role, you’ll know that it is not a job, it’s a skill. And a bloody hard one to master at that. Personally, I feel you either have an inkling towards working with people or you don’t, and forcing this can end up in a total disaster. If you’ve never worked in retail or worked with customers, you have no idea about some of the “Oh sh*t’s” we go through all day every day. Well.. Let me enlighten you.

“Oh sh*t, not you again”

Unfortunately, there is always going to be a handful of customers you absolutely dread coming in. The ones who can talk for Britain; The ones who don’t talk at all; The ones who question everything you say; The ones who expect you to have a crystal ball at hand, ya know, the list goes on. The problem is, no matter how hard you try you’re always gonna love em.

“Oh sh*t, quick”

When you have a job that requires answering phones, you can guarantee as soon as you start to do something, that phone’s gonna ring. Every. Damn. Time. Fancy a cup of tea? Customer rings. Fancy a sweet? Customer rings. Need the toilet? You bet that customer’s gonna ring. The struggle is real. I quickly found that it is 100% not do-able to answer the phone with a whole pack of strawbs piece of fruit shoved in your mouth. I do eat healthy at work, I promise..

“Oh sh*t..”

Just.. oh sh*t in general really. There is never a dull moment working in a customer service role, and the amount of times a day this phrase must come out of my mouth is phenomenal. From forgetting to ring a customer back, to a customer thinking I have a magic crystal ball (unfortunately this isn’t the case, as much as I would love to have one), you bet I’ll be “Oh sh*t”-ing about something or other.

There are plentttty more where these come from, as you can imagine. Do you or have you ever worked in a customer service role?


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42 thoughts on “The “Oh Sh*t’s” of the Customer Service World

  1. The first point is very me. I’ve been working at the Post Office for over three years and although I’ve recently moved branches, we still get the same types of customers. No, I don’t know every single item you can send in the post. No, I don’t know why you don’t have any money in your account. I imagine just as much as I think “Oh shit, not you again” about various customers, they probably say the same thing when they see me at the counter too haha!

    Sian x

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  2. I love this, I used to work in retail so can completely relate lol… also studied a course at college that required a lot of customer service training so I’ve been through it all haha!!

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  3. This post is too damn relatable haha! I worked part-time as a waitress throughout my sixth form days, and in the summers when I was back home from uni, so I’ve experienced pretty much all of these moments! “Oh sh*t not you again” was a common one with regular customers who were always grumpy yet what forever returning to the restaurant haha!

    Abbey 😘

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  4. I’m a receptionist and I totally agree with all the oh sh*t abut answering the phone. Why is it every time you make a brew some one calls!
    Em xxx

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  5. Hahaha I laughed reading this. I’ve worked in customer service since I was 16… a year or two customer facing but on the phone mainly!! And it’s so true… the second you put a malteaser in your mouth the phone will ring. Even on the quietest of days haha xxxxxx

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  6. The first one is so applicable to my job there are some customers I absolutely can’t stand when they walk in and they’re awful to serve x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

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  7. I absolutely loved reading this, I don’t work in retail now but I used to and I completely agree with everything you say. The worst was always when I was literally about to lock the store up at 5.30, a customer would always walk in and take their sweet time, so frustrating! Xx

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  8. I work at a Cosmetics retailer and have “oh shit” moments all the time! Three days ago, a customer complained that I gave her the wrong shade and when I looked at her foundation, she was holding the bottle UPSIDE DOWN!!! I turned it right side up and showed her it was the right shade and her husband started laughing at her. It’s true, you kinda need the right personality to be able to deal with this kinda stuff on a daily basis.

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