Marc Jacobs: Velvet Noir Mascara

Mascara is one of the product’s I 100% couldn’t live without. For me, mascara is the key product to finishing off any makeup look, or saving you from leaving the house bare faced. If I’m not particularly feeling well or I’m in a rush, I’ll just shove some mascara and concealer on and it leaves me looking a little less shrek like.

Last week landed a very exciting parcel at my front door. After a very few frustrating days of migraines, a Marc Jacobs Beauty parcel waiting for me was exactly the pick me up I needed. The box contained a full sized, Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara. Oo, suave. 

marc jacobs flatlay

First of all, I put this product through two very important tests..

Can Marc Jacob’s Handle a week in the office?

You bloody bet he can. Using this Mascara every day for a week, it didn’t let me down through the long hours, the tears of frustration or the stress. That calls for a bloody good mascara in my eyes (no pun intended..). Honestly though, I struggle to find a mascara that lasts all day without making me look like a panda at the end of the day, but not once did I have to refresh my face during the day which gives me so much peace of mind. You know, when you work with customers all day it’s so important you don’t look like a clown with makeup all down your face. Marc Jacobs, you’ll always have a place in my office.

Better yet, can Marc Jacob’s keep up with a twenty something partying the night away?

Marc Jacob’s; you are now my new wing-woman. Last weekend was the ultimate make-up test! After getting up at half past six (a time that should only ever be seen once in the day) my eyes seriously needed some love. I needed my makeup to last me all day through the wedding and all night through the reception, so I thoughtfully picked out which products I was going to use, which included the Velvet Noir mascara – those lashes needed to look their best! Through the happy tears watching the beautiful bride walk down the aisle to dancing the night away to Whitney Houston, I had no need to keep checking my makeup looked okay.. Of course it did, because Marc Jacobs had my back.

velvet noir flatlay

But.. what were my first impressions?

This product just screamed class at me. The angled, chunky (but funky.. sorry – I couldn’t resist!) black tube was everything you want in a product packaging without even realising. It feels good, it looks good, and it wears even better. Result.


The applicator wand for me is personally one I prefer. Towards the tip, the wand thickens which makes it so easy to reach those thinner, inner lashes that so many wands make it difficult to reach. The curve in the wand and the different lengths ensure a full application, which is exactly the aim of the product.

On first application, the mascara noticeably lengthens my more than average lashes, making them instantly stand out especially when wearing full eye makeup. My first thought was that when worn, my lashes reminded me of the lash extensions I had done a few weeks ago, which is a very exciting result. To achieve the fuller, false lash look I had to apply 2/3 coats and I didn’t experience any clumpy, spider like lashes either – Marc Jacob’s.. I applaud you.

Can this product get any better you may be thinking? Well add on to this review the fact that this product is cruelty-free and they don’t sell in China.. could we name this the product that keeps on giving? I’m completely sold and will definitely be restocking this beauty!

Until next time,

Saz Sinclair

*This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes but all opinions are my own.

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26 thoughts on “Marc Jacobs: Velvet Noir Mascara

  1. I loved this review, I’ve also been sent this mascara but I’ve only tried it once so haven’t been able to get a secure opinion on it yet but this review has made me wanna get it and put it on right now. Love how in-depth your review is and how positive it is too. Amazing post Saz! xxxx


  2. Looks this you got a winner! i have never tried marc jacobs makeup range but i might defo give it a go since you are so happy with this mascara!


  3. I bloody love how much of your sass and personality comes through in this post, girl! You’re a superstar! Sounds like you really put this mascara through its paces and that it didn’t let you down on any account! The packaging is indeed fab, and I’m so glad that theyre cruelty free! More big brands need to follow Marc Jacobs’s lead and stop testing on poor bunnies! Fab post as always m’lovely!

    Abbey ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m not a hue make up person but been looking for a long lasting mascarra what doesn’t get gunky, so this sounds like one I should definitely look out for! x

    Liked by 2 people

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