Getting in the Christmas Mood

For most people, now that Halloween is out of the way the Christmas vibes have started to creep in although admittedly, I’ve been singing Christmas songs since Mid September (and getting told off for it). Now I think it’s finally an acceptable time to get excited for Christmas, I thought I’d share with you a few of the things I’ve done this year to get myself into the festive mood!


There is absolutely nothing better than sitting on Pinterest for hours ten minutes and pinning the hell out of alll those festive pins. For me, there’s nothing better than a bit of Christmas inspiration to motivate you and get you thinking about what you’re going to do this year. I’ve decided that this year, my wrapping is gonna be the bee’s knees so I’m pinning lots of content to spark up some idea’s. If you love all things Christmas like me, follow me over on pinterest to see what I’ve found so far!

Festive photo

To-buy lists

I’d like to think that I’m a very organised person when it comes to Christmas and I always browse the internet and write down some idea’s for gifts. I tend to think about all the people I’d love to surprise and then go from there, although this of course tends to change as soon as I get into the shops and see something amazing but it always gives me a head start! The idea of finding something someone will love always cheers me up so writing out these lists early (to Christmas music of course) always gets me right in the mood. It’s always a fab idea to do this early as if you’re going to make something yourself it gives you plenty of time to prepare and pick up everything you need!

Christmas Adverts (Spoiler alert!!!)

Yesterday a lot of the Christmas adverts were released, and personally I love watching them all as it’s something everyone generally gets excited about. Whether it’s the supermarkets having the whole nation in tears or the Coca-Cola lorry on its annual outing, there’s always something to cheer you up. The John Lewis advert that everyone’s been waiting for was finally released (which means it’s officially time to get festive) and although it’s had a lot of mixed views, it was another I absolutely loved. I think people may have missed the deeper meaning (or I could be wrong) but to me this advert shows how selfless we should be around Christmas; the monster gets the little boy a present to help him sleep after seeing just how worn out he is staying up all night, even though it’s apparent just how much fun they were both having together. The monster put the little boy first which I thought was really sweet – it certainly worked for me! Another one I have to mention is the Marks and Spencer advert that came out just a few days ago. I loved this one and I can safely say I think Christmas definitely needs some more little bears around!

Getting in the christmas mood


As I only started this little blog in March, this is going to be my first ever Christmas in the Blogosphere and I’m very excited about it. I decided a few weeks ago that I was going to participate in Blogmas and create new christmassy content for you every single day. I’ve been using my bullet journal to plan ideas and I’ve already got a fair few written up and ready to go, which has obviously put me in the Christmas mood as I’ve been focusing on it so much.

Are you participating in blogmas this year? Let me know what kind of things you’ll be doing to get yourself into the Christmas mood!


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67 thoughts on “Getting in the Christmas Mood

  1. Absolutely loved this post! Pintrest and Blogmas/VLogas definitely gets me into a Christmassy mood! I won’t be doing Blogmas but I can’t wait to read everyones posts! x

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  2. I am getting in the christmas mood too but I am sooooo unprepared, omg! My christmas game is on point on Pinterest but that’s the only place ahah xx corinne

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  3. It’s always great when it starts getting closer to Christmas, and seeing people getting into the mood! Seeing them small little bits like the Christmas adverts, it getting colder and snuggling up warm. Just makes you realise ‘omg it’s Christmas soon!’ haha. It’s great! I really need to start sorting out presents though haha.


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  4. Your bullett journal looks great!
    Tbh I’m still in grumpy pre-Christmas mood. Mostly because it’s my birthday in a couple of days and I detest getting into a Christmas mood before that.
    But I do agree, I plan out gifts a long time before too!
    Blogmas sounds great; I think I’ll do a little art advent calendar on Instagram instead; but I hope you’ll enjoy it, and I’ll be sure to check out your posts :).

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  5. This post definitely has me looking forward to Christmas a little more. Here in the US we’re still awaiting Thanksgiving this week, but I think everyone is already over it and ready for Santa! I just started blogging regularly and I want to participate in blogmas this year. I’ve been jotting down ideas and getting ready and I’m so so excited to see how it goes! Such a wonderful post. I enjoyed reading it for sure!

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  6. December is my birthday month so I never really get excited for Christmas until like the week before because I’m the type of person who drags my birthday on for as long as possible 😂

    Loved this post girly! Your bullet journal is so pretty!! 😍

    Love, Melissa x

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  7. Can’t wait to see read your blogmas posts! It will definitely get me in the festive mood 😀 I like to combine the two and use pinterest to help with present buying. I have a secret board called gift ideas and throughout the year when I’ve seen an item a loved one or friend would like it gets pinned to that board. It’s been a life saver with organisation this year haha!



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  8. I have decided to do blogmas this year, as like yourself I started blogging this year, and want to get on board with it. I am excited and already have a weeks content scheduled! I have been pinning bits here and there surrounding Christmas and it gets me excited. My bullet journal and blogging notepad is starting to fill up with Christmas content ideas!
    Loved this post,
    Lois x

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  9. I feel like some of these are really important ways in which to get in the mood for Christmas! Blogmas I wouldn’t say would get me in the Christmas spirit as it is a lot of hard work and can be a bit too much sometimes. Thanks for sharing x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

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  10. Hooray for Christmas! This year I’ve been feeling more festive than ever, which I think is largely due to getting excited about Christmas blog content! I have been loving shopping for Christmassy blog props for photos, having them in my room puts a big smile on my face! I definitely need to start using Pinterest more as it’s so fab for inspiration! I can’t wait to have a completely free weekend to start gift shopping! I know what I want to buy already, it’s just a case of hitting the high street!

    Abbey 💜

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  11. I’ve never liked Christmas and the last 5/6 years or so I’ve always been such a Grinch but this year I’m really trying to embrace it. I’ve already made a Christmas Pinterest board which I LOVE and bought a few presents and wrote some cards for some bloggers who I’m doing a card swap with! It’s quite nice getting prepared and excited for a change (: xxx

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  12. I’m feeling so freaking festive and I love that you do too! I’ve bought so many prezzies already and can not wait to give them to my friends and family! Loved this post x

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  13. AHHH This has totally got me in the Christmas mood. I LOVE CHRISTMAS.
    I totally agree on Pinterest… It’s amazing for everything, right?! I’ve already been using it for Christmas inspiration especially for our little party were having with friend’s too. To-buy lists are also brill, I’ve got two going at the minute with about 10 people on. (We have a big family) but I’m trying to stay low on presents and the lists are a good way to stay in line, lol. I’m excited for your first Christmas in the blogosphere too! This one will be my THIRD One, eek. Blogmas will be amazing and I’m excited to read all of your posts xxxxxxx

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    1. Im so glad – I love Christmas so much too!! I have a big family and I would no doubt forget someone If I didnt list things down! Aah I cant wait for your blogmas posts too, thanks honey!!xxx


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