When the idea for 2017 achievements sparked up in that little brain of mine, my initial thoughts were ‘um, Sarah, have you even accomplished anything remotely significant to be proud of this year?’ which ultimately left me procrastinating (for bloody ages, may I add) as to whether I actually had any achievements or not.

Before ruling out that how much Domino’s pizza I’d managed to demolish through the year, or how much money I’ve more than likely wasted on things I definitely didn’t need weren’t things I should be proud of achieving.. I decided to stop being a negative nonce and actually think of things I’ve successfully managed to achieve this year.. somehow.

Start a blog

Well, one of the first obvious achievements was starting sazsinclair! Back in March, I had no idea where this little blog was going to take me, nor did I realise how many fabulous opportunities it would open doors to and how much my life would start to depend on it. When my year started off with an ended relationship, I didn’t really know what to do with myself and blogging became something that I could put my mind to, when and if I wanted to – plus, it doesn’t answer back like a boyfriend does which is a definite perk. Ha.

After abandoning one failed blog and religiously reading my favourite bloggers whilst lusting over their pretty Insta’s, it was time to dive into the unknown blogosphere. It was somewhere I’d longed to be for such a long time but just didn’t have a clue how to get there. I am so glad that I was able to stick at this throughout 2017!

Rose Gold Peugeot

Got a new car

I was very fortunate that my parents were able to help me out with my first two cars, especially the second as I sadly wrote the first one off within 3 months of learning to drive. Fast forward 2 and a half years, and I was finally financially stable enough to look into getting my own vehicle and I had my heart set on a Peugeot 208. Little did I know, I’d be walking away from The Car People with a Rose Gold Peugeot feeling more girly than I ever have in my whole life. I got Polly in April, and I still fall in love every time I see her on the drive. You know, if you’re able to look past all the dirt that is. Living in a working farming village and having a clean car doesn’t tend to work very well..

Started to figure out just who I am

Leaving my teens and entering into the world of being twenty-something was a daunting step and I feel like I still had so much to learn about myself. I lost friends but gained some friends for life. I learnt so much about the people I want to be socialising with and the ones who only want the best for me. The ones who continuously push me to be the best version of myself (and the drunkest, at times..).

I went on my first holidays without my parents to Venice and Majorca twice, and felt myself becoming more independent without the need of others to be by my side every moment of my life. I’ve started to enjoy and embrace my own company, which I absolutely used to hate at the beginning of the year. I’m lucky enough to absolutely adore the job I have, and still aspire to be better at what I do every single day. I’ve learnt my strengths, my weaknesses, and how to use both to my advantage to push myself at everything I do.

Gondola Ride in Venice

All in all, I’ve had a bloody brilliant year and I can’t wait to see what 2018 is going to bring. Even though it doesn’t feel like I’ve hit that many achievements, I’ve certainly had some amazing times this year. Meeting so many new friends and starting a blog I now couldn’t live without is going to be a hard year to top, but I’m definitely ready to give it a good go.

Happy New Year everyone!

Saz Sinclair

2017 Achievements - What I got up to this year


Now the weather has turned, you’ve probably got all the blankets out, filled your cupboards with hot chocolate and dug out all those festive jumpers, but have you thought about your car this winter?

The cold weather is a pain in the arse for cars, and that’s putting it lightly. It starts to kill your car batteries, often leaving you sat outside work or the shopping centre with a boot full of Christmas shopping – just what you need.. not! It’s quite easy to forget to properly look after your car in winter so these are my top tips to keep it running.

Have your battery tested in your local garage

Your garage will be able to check your battery and make sure it is in good order for the winter period. This will give you a chance to avoid the possibility of a breakdown, and sort it beforehand rather than leave it until it’s too late! Where I work (Treeton Auto Services in Rotherham, if you’re all wondering. Free promo and all that, you’re welcome, Dad) we can test your battery free of charge and run you a print out so you know you’re going to be good this winter.

Make sure you’ve got Breakdown cover

Now, this may be quite an obvious one but it’s mostly the one that catches everyone out. A lot of people who take out cover back away from the option of ‘Homestart’ which means if you break down at home they can’t come out to you. This is quite important as when it’s cold and it comes to starting your vehicle up to get to to work, if the battery has died of death and it’s refusing to start, you’re goosed. If you’ve got a friend with a set of Jump Leads then they may be able to get you started, but worse case scenario is that you’ll have to call out recovery.. then you’ll be wishing you added homestart to your policy!

AA BRC Cover

Something else that I would always recommend is a type of the cover that the AA offer which is Breakdown Repair Cover (BRC). In order to take this out, you have to have at least the basic breakdown cover with the AA. The cost of this cover is varied with each vehicle depending on age and the mileage of the vehicle, but for example my 14 plate Peugeot 208 with 20,000 miles on the clock, cost me only £29 to cover for 6 months working out at just £58 for the whole year! Now, what’s great about this cover is that the AA warranty team are really good at accepting claims, unlike a lot of other warranties that try to worm out of paying.

The BRC cover means that if something causes you to call the AA out (ie: your car won’t start, it’s making a funny noise, the vehicle cut out etc) as long as the problem isn’t wear and tear (for example worn out brakes) then the AA will pay up to £500 of your invoice, all you have to pay is your £35 excess if the invoice doesn’t exceed £500! This will cover you for up to 5 claims per year, which means they could cover a maximum of £2500 per annum. This is great for covering parts such as your battery, alternator or starter motor in winter which can be a couple of hundred pounds.. ouch.

Breakdown Care Kit

This is something I’m currently in the process of putting together, but I feel it’s something everyone needs to have in their car, especially during winter. It suddenly occurred to me as I was driving down the A1 the other morning, that in the event of a breakdown I would be stuck at the side of a very busy road, stood in the freezing cold whilst it possibly snowed, or absolutely chucked it down as it tends to do in the UK. At that very moment when it dawned on me that it was zero degrees outside and I didn’t even have a coat on me, I decided I needed to fully kit out my car.. and so it began.

  • A waterproof jacket
  • A coat
  • A blanket
  • De-icer
  • Ice scraper
  • Important breakdown number
  • Torch
  • First Aid Kit

Check your tyres

This point is really important, especially when it’s icy or snowy conditions on the roads. If you’re tyres have good tread depth and the correct pressures, it’s going to be much easier for your tyres to grip to the road making your journeys much safer. When your tyres are bald, this essentially means your tyres will just slide all over the road which is very dangerous. Make sure you’re checking your tyre pressures on a regular basis, and again if you’re not confident in doing so, don’t be afraid to pop down to your local garage and ask for some help. They can make sure your tyres are safe to be driving on this winter!

Remember: keeping your car safe means keeping you and other road users safe!

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Working full-time, running a blog and trying to maintain a half decent social life is exhausting and if you’re anything like me, pamper nights and time to myself come very far and few between falling asleep eating tea or staying up ’til early hours of the morning wrapping presents.. it is the festive season after all! After spotting FFS (Friction Free shaving) over on Debra’s blog, I knew this was something I needed to get my hands on.

Friction Free Shaving Razor Collection including the Pre Shave Scrub. Shave Cream and Post Shave Balm

FFS offer quality razors that are sent straight to your doorstep once a month.. the first brand to create a metal razor specifically designed for women – yaas. You’re given a choice of 3 different ‘Shaviours’, one of which is blooming ROSE GOLD. I repeat.. Rose Gold!! You then get 4 razors sent every month, one for each week for just £5 which is a complete bargain in my eyes. It’s recommended that you change your razor every 5-7 uses so it works out perfectly however, if you wanted to use the razors over a longer period there’s also the option to pause your subscription. Additions to this package also include their Pre-Shave Scrub, award winning Shave Cream and Post Shave Balm which come at a small price of just £6 each!

Close up of FFS Friction Free Shaving razor and products

First Impressions

“Oh. My. God. Wow.” are the words I’m sure I uttered at my work desk when I opened a parcel containing my FFS Gift Box. This packaging is by far the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, I couldn’t stop looking at it! With the box, I received lots of little leaflets that honestly had me creasing. Isn’t it just the best when a brand have a sense of humour? I felt like I could relate with this brand already and I hadn’t even got to the products yet!

FFS Friction Free Shaving packaging

I happen to think even Sue from accounts would love this one..!

‘I’VE GOT A ROSE GOLD RAZOR HEAD WITH MY NAME ENGRAVED ON IT!!!!’ I shouted over in excitement to my dad’s desk (sorry dad) as he looked back at me completely glassy-eyed wondering what the hell I was rambling on about. Now, this isn’t just a razor, this is a friction free, rose gold, engraved little beauty that I’m positive is about to change my life for the better. The box also contained a shower holder, blade cover, 4 blades, the Pre-Shave Scrub, Shave Cream and the Post Shave Balm which for £25 (with contents worth £32) is an absolute steal, if I do say so myself.

“Hello you. I’m Rose, the world’s first metal razor designed especially for women. I’ve got a lubricating Vitamin E strip and 6 stainless steel blades, which are diamond coated to help me glide across your skin effortlessly. I can’t wait to light up your bathroom with my rose gold finish, while my special bikini blade is primed to tighten up the edges of any hairs you’re keen to keep. Let’s face it, I was made for you.” -FFS.

The blade supplied with Friction Free Shaving Gift box

Please excuse my (slightly gross) ignorance, but I have never changed my razor blades every week so this is going to be a huge learning curve for me. By over using your blades, you can experience rashes and little bumps from shaving, which is obviously something that I’d like to avoid at all costs! If you can’t already tell, I’m really, really excited to try this out and I’ll be writing up a full review once I’ve tried all of these products out fully!

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The Lush Christmas range is one that always takes everyone by storm and even though I use Lush all year round, the Christmas range always has me amazed. During my very busy week/weekend (I apologise about the lack of Blogmas posts. I had a lot of alcohol filled christmas parties, shopping and family meet-ups to keep me busy so unfortunately Blogmas was but on the back burner. I’m back now.. I promise!) I managed to sneak 10 manic minutes into the Lush store at Meadowhall and after fighting my way through the people to get to the Christmas range, I filled as many bags as I could before being pushed back out again, but I managed to pick up some absolute beauties.. result!


An all time favourite Butterbear Lush Bath Product

The first product I picked up was the Butterbear bath bomb, which is just the cutest looking bath bomb ever. I was there with my friend Megan and she said she had tried this and it made her skin really silky soft and smooth, which meant this one was definitely coming home with me!

“Father Christmas collects softening Fair Trade cocoa butter in his sleigh for his gentle polar pal. Pop him into the water to infuse your bath with a warm and creamy vanilla scent and dreamy softness for sublime skin. This comforting bear is also filled with fragrant cocoa powder and calming ylang ylang to melt hearts young and old.” – Lush.

Now, it’s no surprise that Lush is everyone’s favourite place to buy bath bombs.. not only because they are amazing but also that they don’t test on animals which for us bloggers is just a win-win situation. Then add into the equation that Lush are using Fair Trade cocoa butter in this product, we are really onto a winner here. Products with Cocoa butter in are always a hit with me as it works wonders on my skin, so I’m really looking forward to using this one. Butterbear has a very subtle hint of vanilla and it’s not too over powering like some scents can be, which I liked about this product.

Magic Wand

A pink glittery christmas bubble bar 'Magic Wand' from lush

A pink, sparkly, magical wand that adds bubbles to your bath???? Oh my lord it’s a yes from me. Lush have done it again.. it’s not a want but a need, and I needed this as soon as I saw it.

“Wave a magic wand over bath time. Snow fairies of all ages will love swishing this candy sweet magic wand around the bath to turn the water pink and create clouds of candy floss bubbles. Save some for next time (and even the time after) by popping your reusable wand on the side to dry out. Don’t forget to make a wish!” – Lush.

This wand is a reusable bubble bar and the product is actually a really good size which gives me lots of hope that I’m going to get a fair few uses out of this product. The glitter on the top of the wand just fills me with excitement as one of the all time favourite bath bombs from lush is the Intergalactic, which is full of glitter and you come out of the bath feeling so magical and sparkly. Don’t be put off by this though, as once I’ve moisturised and got ready, there’s only a tiny shimmer of glitter you’ll be able to see – I personally love this but if for some reason it’s not your lifelong dream to become a magical unicorn.. I’d maybe stay clear of the glitter bath bombs!

Snow Angel

A gorgeous white and golden bath melt from the christmas range at lush

What a surprise that I picked up yet another glittery product. Shock. As soon as I laid eyes on this one I just knew I needed it. Of course, snow angels are an absolute must at Christmas when it snows so I thought this would be the perfect festive bath melt!

“Dissolving into a flurry of snow, blanket your bath in white foam before revealing a shimmering golden glow. Rich in moisturising Fair Trade cocoa butter, with a delicate marzipan scent, and drifts of rose, benzoin and cassie absolute to treat skin to a softening, floral soak.” – Lush.

Well.. doesn’t that just sound divine. What really drew me towards this one was the multiple layers, that I absolutely just can not wait to try. This bath bomb has the most delightful smell and has honestly made my bathroom smell amazing. I’ve never tried a bath melt from Lush before, so I’m really intrigued to see what it’s all about.

These are just 3 of my favourites out of the many I bought, but you can see what other treats I picked up at the Lush store over on my Instagram!

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Another year nearly gone, another set of resolutions to make for next year. I know a lot of people think resolutions are a lot of rubbish (sometimes I even think that as I never tend to stick to them, oops) but there’s just something about a new year coming up that makes everything seem so fresh. A new year for me means new goals, a fresh mindset and lots of crossed out dates – goodbye, 2017!

Now we’re in the festive period, I thought it was time to finally face the dreaded ‘New Year, New Me’ and all that jazz. This year, my goals aren’t anything massively out of the ordinary, but in fact, sorting my sh*t out. I think it’s so easy to get lost in things when you always have so much going on, and so things you love get put on the back burner and it becomes all about work. Eurgh, no fun at all. I’m quite frankly fed up of having to drop things I enjoy because there’s not enough hours in the day, I’m exhausted, or there’s more important things to prioritise. 2018 is coming and 2018 is the year I focus on myself. Hooray for self love and care. Ha.

1. Get my ass back on that ice.

Between 2016/17, I completed my ice skating levels upto Ice Free Silver. I absolutely loved being on the ice although the level I got up to was really challenging. Admittedly, I didn’t put enough effort into having more ice time which meant I couldn’t perfect any of the footwork/jumps I needed to. I didn’t have enough time and one lesson a week just wasn’t getting me anywhere, so eventually I stopped going. It’s one of my biggest regrets so I am absolutely getting myself back on the ice next year.. I’m not sure my legs will thank me for it after a few months out though.

2. Up my insta game

Ahh, the love/hate relationship with Instagram arises again. I love insta, you can sit for hours looking through people’s perfectly portrayed life, big up all your besties selfies, grab inspiration from countless profiles.. oh and also creepily like that flat lay that was posted a whole 5 days ago. Last month I was lucky enough to get a proper camera.. I still don’t have a scooby-doo how to use it but I’m enjoying giving it a go. It’s definitely spurred me on to take more creative photo’s and hopefully it will help me beat those Insta blues!

3. Start saying ‘Yes’ to new things

In general, I’m quite a worrier when it comes to new things and I much prefer sticking to what I know as that’s what I most feel comfortable with.. boring, I know. Next year I’m really going to try to challenge myself to pick up new hobbies and start trying new things. In October, I joined Young Farmers which was very different for me because although I now live in the middle of nowhere in the countryside, I am actually the biggest townie ever.. and.. I’m absolutely terrified of sheep. Although I love meeting new people, I put off joining for ages because I thought I would stick out like a sore thumb. Turns out, I actually like it.. A prime example of why I need to start saying yes!!

4. Travel more

I honestly have a serious case of wanderlust, and it’s bad. Really bad. I can’t stop looking at places I want to visit and frantically texting my best friend with ‘we need to go here’ or ‘can we go there next year’ – sorry Jessica. New York is definitely on the top of my travel list.. get me skating in Central Park when it’s snowing, carrying 500 shopping bags around with me and eating the biggest slices of pizza imaginable. Yes please.Somewhere I’m also keen to visit next year is Iceland as it looks so fascinating.. so we will see where 2018 takes me! Going to Venice and Spain this year has definitely left me needing more holidays!

Have you thought about any resolutions for next year?

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