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I don’t know about you, but I’m the kinda gal that would welcome sunshine into her arms at any time of the year, especially when it gets chilly here in the UK. I couldn’t be abroad on Christmas day (else how is Santa gonna know where I am??) but something that does take my fancy however, is either going on my jolly’s and landing just before Christmas, or going straight after and seeing the New Year in abroad. Yes pleaseeee. Starting┬áthis year I’m going to try and tick some places off my Holiday Bucket List:


With the gorgeous weather, breathtaking views and accents to die for, how could Australia not be first on my holiday bucket list?! I can’t recall how long I’ve wanted to travel to Aus, but it’s a bloody long time. Bondi Beach, Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Great Barrier Reef are just few of many popular tourist attractions I would be dying to see. If I was to ever get the chance, ideally I would love to travel over New Year to watch the fireworks over Sydney Bridge. That being said, my bank account is shrieking just talking about the idea..


Reykjavik seems to be an increasingly popular travel destination although it doesn’t really come at a surprise. Everytime I see someone else travelling to Iceland it gives me the wanderlust bug. The place just looks so dreamy and I can totally see myself sat in Blue Lagoon with a face mask on taking in the views. I would probably spend most of my time hoping to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights as I can imagine they are just spectacular. Definitely not the warmest of places, but beautiful none the less!

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New York

Get me skating at the Rockefeller Center, clearing out all shops in sight and living my best life as an Upper East Sider. I have a slight feeling that when I visit NY, I won’t want to come home. Going before Christmas is the ultimate dream, can you imagine doing your Christmas shopping in Times Square? Give me all the huge pizza slices and the best brunches in town. If you’re a NY dreamer like me, Chloe’s posts will make you so excited, especially this one about New York at Christmas.

Bora Bora

Sun, sand, sandals and a sex on the beach in hand. You won’t have to ask me twice! Bora Bora is the perfect holiday destination, especially for those who love to chill out and do nothing but stare at beautiful beaches and clear seas. I would definitely stay in the sea huts and would do nothing except soak up the sun all day (and burn, ya know for some of us it does’t come easy..).

Are any of these places on your Holiday Bucket list? Which destinations would top these?

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