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All about me

Hey!!! I’m Sarah, pretty much you’re average teenager, the type who doesn’t go to University. I work as a Front of House manager and love doing all the boring organisation jobs everybody else hates (I’m not even kidding, I love scanning and putting things in order, it’s weird yes I know!). I live in a little village nobody will have ever heard of in Nottinghamshire, but I was born in Leeds, lived in Rotherham for the majority of my younger years and now travel to work in Rotherham every day.

I love music, beauty and travel. I’m very lucky to be able to get tour tickets and festival tickets fairly easy so I’m always finding myself at gigs and meet and greets. There will be a little bit of all sorts on here really, whatever pops in to my mind and feel I can write about. If you enjoy reading, please don’t hesitate to get in contact I’ll leave my email and social media below!!


S x