About me

All about me
I’m Sarah Sinclair and I’m pretty much your average twenty-something. University was never something I took interest in, so I work full time as a Front of House manager. Admittedly, I love doing all the boring organisation jobs everybody else hates doing, which I guess makes me the perfect person for my job! Currently, I live in a tiny little village nobody will have ever heard of in Nottinghamshire however I am a townie at heart.

Why did I start this blog?

Hm, good question and one I actually sometimes struggle to explain! The blogging community is one I have longed to be in for a very long time. I’ve always had a love for writing, ever since I can remember so I thought I’d channel my thoughts into this little blog. It was a super one-minute decision and the next thing I knew, my life depended on it and it became something  I could put my mind to. Alongside this, I also have a huge passion for all things beauty related, and also love spending my life singing my heart out at live shows with my best friend. I’m sure you’ll start to learn so much more about me as you carry on reading through my posts!