Marc Jacobs: Velvet Noir Mascara

October 30, 2017

Mascara is one of the product’s I 100% couldn’t live without. For me, mascara is the key product to finishing off any makeup look, or saving you from leaving the house bare faced. If I’m not particularly feeling well or I’m in a rush, I’ll just shove some mascara and concealer on and it leaves me looking a little less shrek like.

Last week landed a very exciting parcel at my front door. After a very few frustrating days of migraines, a Marc Jacobs Beauty parcel waiting for me was exactly the pick me up I needed. The box contained a full sized, Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara. Oo, suave. 

marc jacobs flatlay

First of all, I put this product through two very important tests..

Can Marc Jacob’s Handle a week in the office?

You bloody bet he can. Using this Mascara every day for a week, it didn’t let me down through the long hours, the tears of frustration or the stress. That calls for a bloody good mascara in my eyes (no pun intended..). Honestly though, I struggle to find a mascara that lasts all day without making me look like a panda at the end of the day, but not once did I have to refresh my face during the day which gives me so much peace of mind. You know, when you work with customers all day it’s so important you don’t look like a clown with makeup all down your face. Marc Jacobs, you’ll always have a place in my office.

Better yet, can Marc Jacob’s keep up with a twenty something partying the night away?

Marc Jacob’s; you are now my new wing-woman. Last weekend was the ultimate make-up test! After getting up at half past six (a time that should only ever be seen once in the day) my eyes seriously needed some love. I needed my makeup to last me all day through the wedding and all night through the reception, so I thoughtfully picked out which products I was going to use, which included the Velvet Noir mascara – those lashes needed to look their best! Through the happy tears watching the beautiful bride walk down the aisle to dancing the night away to Whitney Houston, I had no need to keep checking my makeup looked okay.. Of course it did, because Marc Jacobs had my back.

velvet noir flatlay

But.. what were my first impressions?

This product just screamed class at me. The angled, chunky (but funky.. sorry – I couldn’t resist!) black tube was everything you want in a product packaging without even realising. It feels good, it looks good, and it wears even better. Result.


The applicator wand for me is personally one I prefer. Towards the tip, the wand thickens which makes it so easy to reach those thinner, inner lashes that so many wands make it difficult to reach. The curve in the wand and the different lengths ensure a full application, which is exactly the aim of the product.

On first application, the mascara noticeably lengthens my more than average lashes, making them instantly stand out especially when wearing full eye makeup. My first thought was that when worn, my lashes reminded me of the lash extensions I had done a few weeks ago, which is a very exciting result. To achieve the fuller, false lash look I had to apply 2/3 coats and I didn’t experience any clumpy, spider like lashes either – Marc Jacob’s.. I applaud you.

Can this product get any better you may be thinking? Well add on to this review the fact that this product is cruelty-free and they don’t sell in China.. could we name this the product that keeps on giving? I’m completely sold and will definitely be restocking this beauty!

Until next time,

Saz Sinclair

*This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes but all opinions are my own.

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SPECTRUM X MEAN GIRLS: First Impressions

September 13, 2017

On Wednesdays, we blog about how aesthetically pleasing the new Spectrum x Mean Girls collaboration is. Whether you’re a fan of Mean Girls, a fan of gorgeous brushes or simply a fan of the best quotes in the world, you’re gonna fall in love with this set. Not only are these brushes the most perfect things I’ve laid eyes on, Spectrum are also a brand that DON’T test on animals (plus, no Unicorns are harmed either) so this purchase is just a win, win all round.


I’ve had my eye on Spectrum Brushes for a few months now so when this launch was announced I was super excited. I couldn’t give myself a reason why not to buy this set, so I pretty much convinced myself this would be a good purchase. – From a girl’s perspective, these are dangerous thoughts to have. Especially for the bank account.


Of the 10 piece set, each brush has a different mean girls quote engraved on them. How bloody exciting. The colour of this set is just phenomenal, and really stands out against other brushes I have previously purchased. The quality of these brushes is also not to be questioned, with the brush ends being so ridiculously soft it feels like a dream.

All in all I’m very excited to properly play around with these brushes and see how good they really are. I know the point of having makeup brushes is to apply makeup,  but I’m slightly sad that I have to get makeup on those perfect little pink brush ends. Sigh. I’m sure you’ll see a lot more of these as they really are so pretty to look at, so keep an eye over on my Instagram!

Have you tried any of the Spectrum Collections? Let me know your holy grail brushes in the comments below!

Saz Sinclair

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Spectrum Brushes
Mean Girls Brushes

GlamGlow Review

July 19, 2017

First things first, I wasn’t particularly going to do a blog post on the GlamGlow facemask sample that was kindly sent out for me to try however this mask has without a doubt changed my life and has become a staple in my skincare regime.


The sample I had sent out to me was the ‘Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment’ which states to use 2-3 times per week. This is definitely a good recommendation of use as the mask leaves your face feeling so fresh and hydrated for a good couple of days. I’ve tried masks out in the past that have left my face so dry so this was a nice surprise to wake up to in the morning. It actually felt like I had already moisturised and primed my face and my skin was so soft – it felt like a dream!

glamglow mashs

With this mask, I left on for around 20 minutes after application, then massaged in to my skin. This is great for somebody who’s as lazy as I am because I didn’t even have to get out of bed to take it of, and that’s a winning mask in my eyes. The product has a really lovely coconut smell to it, although strong smelling in the packaging it’s not too overwhelming when applied.

I will definitely be recommending this mask to everybody and when my samples run out, this is on my hit-list to purchase! Have you tried any of the GlamGlow products?

Love yas,

S x

Urban Decay – Heat Palette review

June 27, 2017
Urban Decay - Heat Palette review full picture

I would be lying if I didn’t say that this palette caused me a lot of stress and grief trying to purchase it- but you’ll be happy to hear that it was definitely worth it!! I wanted to write this post after I’d had chance to try all the colours out so I could give you all an honest opinion. My first views on this palette were that the shades were very different to the other Urban Decay palettes and I was glad that they had gone for a more dramatic change rather than a subtly similar palette. I knew that I would love experimenting with this palette and although the colours are quite autumny, I will definitely be using this palette all year long!

First thoughts

There was a lot of speculation about this palette as the first swatches made their way around social media, which was that the pigment did not meet everybody’s expectations. I can 100% say that the pigment of these shades did not disappoint, especially on the more glittery colours as a little bit absolutely pops on your eyes. I’ve also seen a lot of comments that people would have loved to see a gold in this palette.. A gold is not needed!! I tried to test out some of these colours with a gold eyeshadow over and it really didn’t suit. The colours in this palette are so cleverly put together which makes it easy to experiment with each and every shade.

Urban Decay - Heat Palette review with packaging

Favourite looks

Okay so, after trying out all the colours there were two looks that really stood out for me. I always start with a neutral base so ‘Sauced’ is my go to base colour in this palette. It’s just a tiny bit lighter than my skin colour when I’ve applied tan so I darken slightly with ‘Low Blow’ which adds just a little bit more depth to my eye area.

For my first look, I very lightly use the ‘He Devil’ on the crease and blend in towards the eye, then take ‘Lumbre’ all over the eyelid. This look is perfect for everyday as it doesn’t look like you’ve spent ages on your eye makeup, but does have a hint of sparkle and is a really subtle look.

The look that I’ve used on my nights out and for evening looks, is possibly one that will stay with me for a while as it’s just a perfect shade that brightens up the eye. Again starting with my bases, I then go on to blend ‘En Fuego’ into the crease of the eye, I usually go over this twice to really deepen the colour and blend it upwards. On my eyelid, I use ‘Dirty Talk’ which is by far the best colour of the palette, (in fact, probably my favourite shade from Urban Decay ever!). I also add ‘Dirty Talk’ under my eye to further the colour which really makes my eye makeup stand out.

Urban Decay - Heat Palette review closed

In short, buy this palette when it releases at the end of July.. I promise you won’t regret it!

Did you manage to get this palette? Let me know your favourite colour!

Loving yaaa,

S x

Heat Palette
Urban Decay Palette

L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation Review

June 8, 2017
L'Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation Review - image

I think it’s safe to say us girls are always on the hunt for a new holy grail foundation. I can’t even recall how many I have tried in the past before finding my favourite few, but long story cut short, It’s a lot. The blogging industry is a great place to find new items to try, especially in terms of makeup as there are so many beauty bloggers writing us reviews left, right and centre. It’s both a blessing and a curse.. on the bright side you end up with a lush, unbeatable makeup bag BUT… your debit card will inevitably hate you.

The L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation has been one of the most spoken about foundations in a while, and one I’ve wanted for a few months (as you’d have seen on my beauty wishlist!). If you haven’t yet heard of this product, please come out from under that rock you’ve been hiding under, as it’s a serious game changer. I’ve always been slightly skeptical about drugstore foundations purely because it’s all I used to wear when I was younger, and those days of patchy, orange foundation doubled up with dream matte mousse are not days I would like to relive. When I saw the reviews on this product, I decided that splashing out £9.99 -bargain- wouldn’t be the end of the earth if I ended up hating it.

I’m very much a fan of full coverage foundations. I don’t particularly suffer with spots or blemishes however I do have a face full of freckles, that I like to cover up as much as possible. (I know all you non-freckled people love freckles, but trust me they are not great when you can’t just wipe them off with the rest of your makeup!!). The Infallible foundation is amazing for this, using a minimal amount has perfect coverage and I found it blended into my skin perfectly. I find the foundation has a really creamy formula, which made it super easy to apply with both a brush and a beauty blender, although I found the beauty blender application left the foundation looking better on my face than applying with a brush.

The drama of a foundation feeling too thick is usually the case when you prefer more coverage, but I don’t find this at all. You are able to build up this foundation without it feeling too ‘cakey’ which is great for when you want a heavier look for an event rather than everyday! Personally, I use this over Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer, which works really well as the primer isn’t oily, however I haven’t tried this foundation without primer so I couldn’t say whether it would sit as well. The foundation doesn’t cling to all your dry spots and doesn’t become patchy during the day, which is one of my biggest pet hates with foundations!

And the best part.. you may ask? Well, at the end of a long hard day in the office… I don’t come home absolutely horrified wondering if my foundation has really looked that bad all day. I’m not saying it looks exactly how I left it at 07:30, but it does last a full day without me turning into Shrek, hallelujah. As well as this, using setting spray to finish off allows me to party all night with my makeup still staying in place, what more could a girl ask for??

Let me know your holy grail foundations, and whether you’ve ever tried this one or not!
Much love,

S x

What’s on my beauty wishlist

March 30, 2017

Despite me having a make-up haul last week (there will definitely be a post on these items when I’ve tried them all out properly), there are still so many things on my wishlist that I need to get my hands on sooner rather than later. There are so many brands I am still yet to try I don’t even know where to start when it comes to treating myself.

Becca – Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed – Prismatic Amethyst

Firstly, who doesn’t love a good highlighter? There is nothing better than leaving the house with a glowing face feeling ready to conquer the world. You know those make-up products that you’re actually excited to put on your face and feel like you can take on anything and everything afterwards?? I feel this is one of them. The colour looks absolutely stunning and every review I read of this highlighter makes me want to buy it even more. This is definitely first on my hit list!

Too Faced – Natural Love Eye Shadow Collection

I don’t think there ever becomes a point where you can have too many eye shadow palettes. Or too many Too Faced products for that matter either. The new collection is just absolutely gorgeous but as soon as I saw this palette it really caught my eye. I’m seriously digging the more lighter, pinky tones at the moment so these colours would be perfect, as well as having darker tones for a bolder look. This will definitely have a place on my dressing table.. I’m already excited to purchase this one!

                                                       L’Oreal – Infallible Total Cover Foundation
Beauty Wishlist - L'Oreal Foundation

I don’t really have a particular ‘holy grail’ foundation that I would choose over any others that I own. I have a couple that are my favourites and I absolutely love them for different reasons. I have read so many amazing reviews on this product that I think I would be missing out if I didn’t give this one a try. Although I don’t really suffer with any spots/blemishes, I do have a face full of freckles which I like to get rid of as much as possible. With so many people raving about how good the coverage is, this is definitely one on my list to purchase!

                                                                     Temple Spa – Purification
Beauty Wishlist - Temple Spa Purification

If you have never heard or tried Temple Spa products then you are seriously missing out. I could rant and rave about this brand for so long but I’d probably bore you all. Although between me and mum we have pretty much every single product Temple Spa does, this is one of my favourites. I don’t tend to suffer with spots/ blemishes and I 100% put it down to this face mask as it leaves my skin feeling amazing. It’s coming to that time of year where me and mum put a massive order in as I’m starting to scrape the last bits at the bottom of the pot.

                                                              Nars – Radiant Creamy Concealer

Beauty Wishlist - Nars Concealer

I am far from an expert in makeup and until recently I haven’t really bothered about what products I was using on my face. In all honesty, I’ve never really used concealer and I mainly thought it was used to just cover spots (oops) which is why I have never really needed it. Recently I have been tiring myself out so much I feel I need a little something to brighten up my eyes after a late night. After doing some digging and reading more reviews than was probably necessary, I’ve decided I really want to try this concealer. I like the fact it’s in a liquid form and you can build coverage on this too which I think will be fab!

If any of you have tried these products let me know! Are there any items on your beauty wish list?


S x

*Product pictures are those shown on the Brand Websites.

My Makeup Bag Essentials

March 10, 2017
Dressing table with My Makeup Bag Essentials
Don’t get me wrong, I am loving absolutely everything in my makeup collection right now. There are some amazing products out at the moment and there’s so many I can’t wait to get my hands on. However, there are certain items that my makeup bag will never be without and I’ll be telling you a little bit about why I love each product so much!
Makeup Bag Essentials - Benefit highlighter
Girl meets Pearl
This is one of my all time favourite products. I have to start by saying how pretty the packaging is! The colours really stood out to me and are what drew me to the product in the first place. I use this product so many different ways. It’s a really smooth, silky and subtle luminiser and it’s super easy to apply. In the day time, I tend to wear this two ways: First of all if I’m having a day wearing less makeup, I rub a small amount of this into my skin (I find using my fingers applies better than a brush) and it really makes my skin glow. If I do wear foundation, I use a twist of this and dab onto my cheek bones which adds a really pretty, subtle highlight to my cheeks which is perfect for an everyday look. This product is also a must for my going out makeup. I add this to a foundation which gives me a dewier look and works really well with my foundation and is so smoothly applied. After my powder I again add to my cheeks for an extra glow and it does last a long time which I am super impressed with. As you can probably tell I super love this product and it will always have a place in my makeup bag!
Makeup Bag Essentials - ABH Dipbrow
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade
I really can’t give this product enough praise! I have used a lot of eyebrow products in the last couple of months and this is by far my favourite. I find with this product it’s easy to create a few different looks. My brows actually aren’t a bad shape naturally but I find they are quite sparse. During the day, I use just a tiny amount of this product and use the brush really lightly which gives me quite a natural look. When I want heavier, more obvious filled in brows all I have to do is use more of the product and use a heavier hand. I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Angled Cut Brow Brush which is really good for applying. I never have to worry about ‘smudging’ my eyebrows and they always last all day which is such a bonus! I’ve had this product for a few months now and I’ve barely even touched the surface even though I use it so much, so I feel this is such a good amount of product for the price!
Makeup Bag Essentials - Rimmel primer
Rimmel Match Perfection Fix & Perfect Pro Primer Shade 2
I have tried SO many primers and I could never find one that really suited my skin and sat well with my foundation. I started to regularly use the MAC Prep & Prime but it seemed to only work well with MAC foundations. I actually discovered the Rimmel primer when I had totally run out of primer and I had to dive in to my mum’s makeup bag (total lifesaver!). I couldn’t believe how smooth this primer was and it feels so nice on your skin. My foundation applied flawlessly and I was pleasantly surprised at how long it held my makeup on for. It works even better with a setting spray on top and I can go all day without feeling the need to top up which is a great feeling. What’s even better about this product is the price! I think it’s an absolute steal at only £6.99!
Makeup Bag Essentials - Too Faced Lip gloss
Too Faced ‘Lip Injection Power Plumping’ lip gloss

My best friend bought me this for christmas and I absolutely love it. I tend not to wear it during the day as it’s really glossy however if I’m going out for a meal it’s always in my handbag to apply afterwards and also works a treat on top of lipstick too! I have naturally thin lips so this plumps them up to a normal size. They don’t go too big and definitely don’t look fake so it’s a winner all round. I have the clear glossy version however it is out in some absolutely gorgeous colours that I will definitely be looking in to purchasing sooner rather than later! I’ve found with a couple of lip plumping glosses that they tend to sting your lips but I have never experienced any tingling with this gloss.

So they’re my four main essentials to my makeup bag at the minute! I loved writing this post as it’s reminded me just how much I love each and every product. Are there any products your makeup bag will never live without?! Let me know in the comments!
S x

*Product pictures are those shown on the Brand Websites.